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Why no TV networks?

...statement was followed by the ranking minority member, Sen. John Glenn, D-Ohio, reading a letter from the attorney of John Huang, saying his client would testify if granted limited immunity. Huang is the shadowy Asian-American who fled the U...
Bush's terrible Transportation pick

...who was Bill Clinton's pick for Commerce secretary, took part in a 1994 trade mission to Indonesia which involved John Huang and others implicated in the Chinagate scandal. Also involved were Charlie Trie, James Riady and Mark Grobmyer, according...
Opinion columns
A tyrant welcomed

...been the recipient of money that was funneled into his campaign and party coffers by Chinese agents of influence like John Huang and Charlie Trie. (Trie fled to China -- and Jiang is in a position to help Clinton by keeping the money-man away...
Veep: Dunce or liar?

...knew nothing about it. He stuck to that story for two months, even after it became clear the visit was arranged by John Huang, the notorious Democrat operative in the Commerce Department who shook down Asian businessmen for millions in unlawful...
Opinion columns
Worst journalism of '97

...World Report columnist Gloria Borger, April 7. John Glenn Award (for ensuring the hearings got lost in space): "John Huang isn't the poster boy for what ails money and politics -- Steve Forbes is... Forbes represents the purest, most...
Back Hillary Clinton? Why?

...unauthorized access of FBI files. She raked in huge sums of money for selling White House access to the likes of Johnny Chung, John Huang, known drug dealer Jorge Cabrera and others.Enter Monica Lewinsky, and Hillary disappears from everyone's radar...
The Reagan tape

...rhetorical flourish. He invited them there to thank them for past support. Clinton, of course, invited Charlie Trie, John Huang and other seedy characters -- who have either fled the country or are pleading the Fifth Amendment -- not to thank...
Close Commerce junk closet

...political help. President Clinton has 196 appointed hacks there. They were working in obscurity until one - the notorious John Huang - was exposed during the Democrats' foreign contributions scandal. Upcoming congressional hearings on "Huang-gate...
Mulls victory of `master con man'

...Republican. He brings too much baggage, both with the people in his camp and with his own actions. ... The real John Huang may now be studied. Whoever hired (White House security chief) Craig Livingstone might admit it. And James Carville...