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ACA benefits are hogwash

This Republican is gnashing his teeth alright, but not because my health care plan is affordable. Quite the opposite.
Condemn radical Islam

Thanks to John Glover for his letter Sept. 15 ("Silence is conspicuous"). It`s about time local Muslims take an active part in condemning their...
Silence is conspicuous

We don't have to worry about an outcry from American Muslims.
The truth about Catholicism

I am proud to be a part of the church that Christ started and to which all truth is preached.
Officials think little of us

I believe there is genius and stupidity in Washington. The difference is that genius has its limits.
Who didn't see this coming?

The president's signature piece of legislation makes a train wreck look a pleasant experience.
How government functions

Yes we are a republic. We are also a democracy.
Neither man won debate

One of them needs to start explaining his position instead of tiptoeing around all the same themes.
Pick right person for job

Pray that Obama can pick someone who maybe has the guts to let the world know exactly where the United States stands.
Use Jesus to test beliefs

I was impressed with John Glover's honest and sincere questions about the nature of God in his letter "God spurs many questions" (Jan. 18).As he stated...