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Across the area

...of a crime, according to Richmond County jail records. Witnesses told police that Mr. Rogers started arguing with John Gleason, 27, of Fort Gordon, after Mr. Gleason said "good night girls" to women accompanying Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers...
Chipper returns to lineup, still feels off on right foot

...foot isn't enough to keep him sidelined, Jones decided Wednesday after consulting with a local specialist, Dr. John Gleason. Gleason found inflammation below Jones' second toe, near the ball of the foot, but no tear of the plantar plate...
League rebuts Canseco's claims

...spokesman Rich Levin told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. BRAVES: Chipper Jones will see Atlanta specialist John Gleason today to discuss his MRI exam results on his sore right foot. Jones learned late Monday that he has a partial tear...