Aiken County a popular stop for Republican candidates before South Carolina's early primary

...Democratic race brought then U.S. Sens. Barack Obama and Clinton and former senator and vice presidential nominee John Edwards. WHY IS SOUTH CAROLINA IMPORTANT? The state's Republican primary ? the first in the South ? has become an indicator...

'Times' sets speed trap

...and finances?It also took the gossipy National Enquirer to break the story that Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards had had an affair with a videographer. The mainstream media ignored the story for over half a year. Ultimately, it...

Former Coach Dean Smith dies

...donated money to the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and Bill Bradley, and supported former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards - a North Carolina alumnus - in his two presidential bids before later endorsing Obama.Smith's church served as...

Look out for John Edwards

...got a foothold in Iowa. Look out for John Edwards. The North Carolina trial lawyer this...for an alternative to Hillary. Enter John Edwards. In today's glamour politics, a...poll, 22 to 10 percent. Look out for John Edwards.

John Edwards exposed for who he is

...mention of the National Enquirer, we owe that publication a debt for their recent exposa of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and his sexual peccadillo. Edwards' claim that his affair is the sole business of his family and himself would be...

John Edwards indicted

RALEIGH, N.C. - A federal grand jury has indicted two-time presidential candidate John Edwards over massive sums of money spent to keep his mistress in hiding during the peak of his 2008 campaign for the White House.The...

Ex-US Sen. John Edwards says he fathered Reille Hunter's child

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards finally came forward Thursday to admit that he fathered a child with a woman that he hired before his second White House bid...

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John Edwards

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Dr. John Thomas Edwards entered into rest on February 10th, 2015. John was born in 1930 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He attended Mississippi State University where he received his BS and was initiated into the Mississippi Gamma Chapter

John Edwards betrayed me, too

...more people were talking about:John Edwards ruined my name.Mine is a simple...Edwards, former Spinners singer John Edwards, psychic medium John Edward...myself, Yes, all people named John Edwards are in the same family. He's...

Candidates gaining state cash, not votes

...Presidential candidates John McCain and John Edwards might trail in the national polls...spokeswoman Teresa Wells said. "John Edwards is the only candidate born in South Carolina. John Edwards is the only candidate to have won...