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Russian space agency says solar sail launch fails

...Molniya-M rocket carrying a military communications satellite failed shortly after its liftoff from a northern launch pad and fell over Siberia. Associated Press reporter John Antczak in Pasadena, Calif., contributed to this report.
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Cassini spacecraft bears down on Saturn after 7-year trip features as small as 66 feet across. "It's going to be like walking - like hiking across these objects," Porco said. On the Net: Associated Press John Antczak contributed to this report.
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Oscar winner Sean Penn picks right time to overcome shyness

...atrocious, appalling," he said. "And if this movie in some way contributed to the debate of what is going on in the world, I am immensely pleased." Associated Press writers Ryan Pearson and John Antczak contributed to this story.
Timeline of Columbia's final 7 minutes

...repeatedly: "Columbia, Houston, comm check." The response is silence. EDITOR'S NOTE - Associated Press science writer Andrew Bridges and AP newsmen Juan A. Lozano in Houston and John Antczak in Los Angeles contributed to this story.
Cassini unveils other Saturn moon

LOS ANGELES - The Cassini spacecraft's close flyby of Saturn's mysterious moon Titan this week revealed clouds that will give clues to its weather, but the pass left scientists still puzzled about its surface.
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SpaceShipOne proving space tourism possible

MOJAVE, Calif. - Hoping to build on the momentum sparked by a private rocket plane's dash into space, supporters of opening the heavens to civilians are turning the winner-take-all race into an annual competition that might further fuel imaginations.
Cassini settles into Saturn orbit

PASADENA, Calif. -- After seven years of hurtling through space to the outer solar system, the U.S.-European Cassini spacecraft squeezed through a gap in Saturn's shimmering rings, fired its brakes and settled into a near-perfect orbit around the giant planet.
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International space mission reaches Saturn this week

PASADENA, Calif. -- Two decades and $3.3 billion in the making, an international exploration of Saturn begins this week when a spacecraft slips through a gap in the planet's shimmering rings and arcs into orbit.
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After private rocket flight, is space tourism next?

MOJAVE, Calif. -- The chubby-looking, stubby-winged aircraft that cracked the commercial space flight barrier this week may have made a great leap forward in aviation history, but the man who designed it believes we are still a long way from regular space tourism.
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SpaceShipOne rocket plane climbs above Earth's atmosphere

MOJAVE, Calif. -- A rocket plane soared above Earth's atmosphere Monday in the first privately financed manned spaceflight, then glided back to Earth for an unpowered landing.
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