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Memory of sister inspires ballerina

As the curtain fell Tuesday on her first-ever performance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Augusta Ballet's Nutcracker, Julie Sierra received many congratulatory hugs and words of praise.
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Training with the Master

John Magnus, a ballet instructor from the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, works with dancers from the Augusta Ballet School and members of the Augusta Dance Coalition Friday afternoon at the Augusta Ballet School. Mr. Magnus has taught classes for the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and has served as ballet master for the New Jersey Ballet Company. He is working with the dancers this week.
`Nutcracker's' appeal crosses gender lines

Ever been to the ballet? "No I have not," says Danny Hentges firmly, and emphatically. He's a man. Have you seen The Nutcracker? Yeah, he saw it in New York two years ago. "My girlfriend made me go," says the 27-year-old warehouse manager. "I'd rather have done something else, but it was nice. I expected something worse - but it wasn't too bad."
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