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Property transfers

...2366, Executrix's Deed of Assent; and 2010 Lanier Drive, Lot 38 and part of Lot 39, Oglethorpe HeightsJUNE 2Bobby Joe Beck, Marsha Leigh Beck and Fine Homes of Augusta LLC to Freshtae Ulrich, Lot 19, on the west side of Tubman Home/Tubman...
Blacks fought for Confederacy, too

Regarding Joe Beck's letter on the Confederate flag ("So, should we fly the Nazi flag too?" Aug. 4): Beck claims, "Flying the Confederate...
Settlement announced in Rosa Parks-OutKast case

...making America a better place for all races," Parks' guardian Dennis Archer said in a statement. Sony BMG attorney Joe Beck said Thursday evening that the defendants were pleased with the settlement. "We think it will go a long way towards...
Says prayers for Timothy McVeigh

...the federal government pursued such a vigorous prosecution of Timothy McVeigh. How about a similarly vigorous self-examination into the responsibility of the federal government for the deaths of innocent people at Waco? Joe Beck, Augusta
Seeks a better recycling program The first verse of Psalm 24 gives an excellent reason to recycle all we can. "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it. ..." Let's honor God and take better care of the beautiful world He's given us. Joe Beck,Augusta
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Property Transfers

...D. Sabel, Half interest in 54 Chaste Tree Lane, Lot 2, Block C, Chaste Tree Citifinancial Services Inc. to Bobby Joe Beck and Marsha L. Beck, Lot 19, on the west side of Tubman Home/Tubman Road, Plat Book 16E Page 158, 1803 Tubman Home...
Property transfers

...Mortgage Securi..., Home Equity Pass Through Certificates Se... and US Bank National Association Trustee to Bobby Joe Beck and Marsha L. Beck, Lot 32, Block 3 on the south side of Clark Street, Plat Book 7F Page 31, 2026 Clark St...
82-year-old architect gets credit for design

...Miller unsuccessfully tried to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the flag, Mr. Alexander and Atlanta attorney Joe Beck - whose father was the model for Atticus Finch in the novel To Kill a Mockinbird - approached legislators with a design...
Clergy still deserve public's respect

...Though clergy sexual abuse has occurred, it is important to keep in mind the full picture. Most priests, I would imagine, are the sort of men I remember - good men who do their best to serve God, and who deserve our respect. Joe Beck Augusta
So, should we fly the Nazi flag too?

...for Germany to fly a Nazi flag? I doubt many thoughtful people would buy the argument that the swastika symbolizes "heritage, not hate." Flying the Confederate flag is shameful. God bless the NAACP for reminding us. Joe Beck, Augusta