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Dr. Gopinath Kalla

...Elliott Sons Funeral Home, Columbia Road, Martinez, with the Rev. V. Balasubramaniam officiating. Dr. Kalla, a native of Jodhpur, India, was a psychology resident at the Medical College of Georgia. He practiced as an anesthesiologist for 25 years in...
More monkey slaps, more humiliation for Stiller

...redesigning it to make it lighter. Adams, who played aviator Amelia Earhart, had to contend with the crew redesigning her jodhpurs so they'd be tighter and tighter. She says the breeches were made of wool with "absolutely no stretch," which made them...
Uchenna and Joyce Agu win 'Amazing Race'

...all about honor," said Uchenna. "That cab driver was going to get his money." During an earlier stretch of the race in Jodhpur, India, Joyce agreed to shave her head as part of a Fast Forward challenge, allowing the Agus to skip to end of the leg...
People in the News

...week after being convicted of killing an endangered animal, was freed on bail Thursday from a jail in the western city of Jodhpur. Khan, who was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for poaching a rare buck in a desert wildlife preserve in 1998...
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Global tension

...with her husband, Jugal, owns several Augusta hotels, calls her 85-year-old father at least once a week. He lives in Jodhpur, a city in India about 90 miles from the Pakistani border. Tensions between the countries have escalated in the past few...
Concert Review: Madonna crucifies herself for 'Confessions' tour

...felt scripted, not subversive. With so much flash and dazzle, it was like watching a made-for-TV performance. Wearing jodhpurs and a top hat and carrying a jeweled riding crop, the singer emerged from a giant disco ball covered with $2 million worth...