Kirby: With every Christmas, a fuller attic

...Cup; 3. iPhone 6; 4. Tracy Morgan; 5. Ebola; 6. Joan Rivers; 7. Philip Seymour Hoffman; 8. Maya Angelou; 9...GEORGIA: 1. Robin Williams; 2. Tracy Morgan; 3. Joan Rivers; 4. Philip Seymour Hoffman; 5. Maya Angelou; 6...

Joan Rivers dead at 81

NEW YORK - Joan Rivers, the raucous, acid-tongued comedian...surgery-crafted veneer that became Joan Rivers' unapologetic trademark as she aged...You don't look exactly like the Joan Rivers I used to know." Rivers was unapologetic...

Rants & Raves

...months he was put on administrative paid leave. All that money needs to be pulled back into the state money. RIP, JOAN RIVERS! RICHMOND COUNTY HAS a Dignitary Protection Team. So, where are the dignitaries? Marble Palace? Lake Olmstead? Wal-Mart...

Super Bowl ads: Eminem, Darth Vader, catering dogs

...advertising, Justin Bieber replaced Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Rivers became a GoDaddy girl. But a pair of commercials by...took a big hit from a log in a Snickers ad and comedian Joan Rivers, her head at least, became a GoDaddy girl.According...

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Film legend Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79 in LA

...her later career, Taylor's waistline, various diets, diet books and tangled romances were the butt of jokes by Joan Rivers and others. John Belushi mocked her on "Saturday Night Live," dressing up in drag and choking on a piece of chicken...

What you can and can't do with cell phones

...it's possible to drive, eat a sandwich and change stations the radio all at the same time, but as the comedienne Joan Rivers said for years, "Grow up!"When we drive alone, there's no one to count on for a little friendly advice...

Inside Insurance: I can't do what with my cell phone?

...Sure, it's possible to drive, eat a sandwich and change radio stations all at the same time, but as the comedian Joan Rivers said for years, "Grow up!"When we drive alone, there's no one to count on for friendly advice like...

In the spotlight

...Officiating was actor Mark Consuelos , Kelly Ripa's husband and an ordained minister. The 180 guests included Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel, Steve Schirripa, Chevy Chase, Tommy Mottola, and Donald and Melania Trump . The...

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Ryan Seacrest signs deal with E! TV

...from a "strategic tower perch," according to the channel. Star Jones, who handled red-carpet shows for E! after Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, skipped to the TV Guide Channel, won't be part of the team, an E! spokeswoman said...

The many reasons Mo'Nique matters

...After that, the list begins to thin significantly.Certainly there are female stand-ups who have made movies -- Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Wanda Sykes and Ellen Degeneres among them -- but none has enjoyed any critical acclaim and box...

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