Five million political calculations

...House hangs its hat on the need for executive branch "discretion" ? which dissenting Judge Carolyn Dineen King, a Jimmy Carter appointee, bought hook, line and sinker. Stretching credulity, King called the decision not to deport a full 5...

Amazing grace

Jimmy Carter reports he is "completely at ease" with a frightening diagnosis of melanoma...humanitarian works; and a lifelong Christian devotion to serving his God.Jimmy Carter has been living the good life ? not in money and material, but in every...

Jimmy Carter's cancer fight puts new meaning in familiar message at Sunday school

...for strength. But the message carried a more powerful and personal meaning than usual because of who delivered it: Jimmy Carter.The 90-year-old former president taught Sunday school in his hometown for the first time since he disclosed on...

Jimmy Carter 'at ease,' ready for radiation treatment

ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter announced Thursday that his cancer showed up in four small...praying for him and Rosalynn. We're all pulling for you, Jimmy."Carter's health has been closely watched this year. He cut short...

Jimmy Carter reveals he has cancer

ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter announced he has been diagnosed with cancer in a brief statement issued Wednesday."Recent liver surgery revealed that I have...

Obama is new Chamberlain

...history by making the former Soviet Union the winner of the Cold War in extra innings.He is more naive and timid than Jimmy Carter. His repeated capitulations to Putin and Islamic dictators and terrorists insult the sacrifices of our Armed Forces...

Carter to mediate dispute over MLK Bible, Nobel Peace Prize

ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter is stepping in to help resolve a legal battle over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s traveling Bible and 1964 Nobel Peace Prize...

Blue Jays blank Braves

...decisions since a 5-1 start to his rookie season.He allowed four runs and nine hits in six innings.Former President Jimmy Carter and wife, Rosalynn, sat in their usual seats near the Braves' dugout. Carter, 90, recently announced he has cancer...

By the Book: Story takes readers inside Georgia Governor's Mansion

...invited dignitaries said, "We need this thing for prestige. Some people think we still go barefooted in Georgia."Jimmy Carter, the next governor to call the mansion home, voted against its funding. When the Carter family moved in, they requested...

Jimmy Carter's decision to boycott 1980 Moscow Olympics remains controversial

...years after his hopes for a gold medal were dashed by Jimmy Carter's boycott of the Moscow Olympics, Craig Beardsley...much ... and maybe that was a way of taking the whole Jimmy Carter thing and putting it behind me."