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Has Congress read?

I wonder if the Congress has a copy of the First Amendment - ratified in 1791 - which plainly states that ... "Congress shall make no law... prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."? What does your copy say? Jim Prestwood, Augusta
Mr. Jerry Anderson (CLEARWATER, S.C.)

...friends: Travis Hancock, Jerry McSalls, Jack Kimbrell, Tim Parrish, David Brooks, Dan Johnson, Phil Enslin and Jim Prestwood. Memorials to: The ALS Association, P.O. Box 13427, Atlanta, Ga. 30324. Friends may call on Saturday from...
Seeks nation's return to God

...We must also remove all anti-God judges who are not worthy to sit on any bench in America. But this will not happen unless we make it happen. Start by writing and calling your U.S. congressman and senator. Jim Prestwood, Augusta
Opinion columns
Mrs. Cathleen Phillips (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

...a granddaughter, Kathy Huey of Sullivans Island, S.C.; her great-grandson, Neal Huey; and a dear friend, Jim Prestwood. If so desired, please make memorial contributions to Sunrise Assisted Living, 326 Boy Scout Road, Augusta, GA...