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Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao to finally square off May 2

...will be televised as a joint venture between competing networks Showtime and HBO, which will share announcers with Jim Lampley and Al Bernstein reportedly handling the task at ringside.
Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini to go into boxing hall of fame

...Mendoza, of Mexico, referee Steve Smoger, of Norfolk, Va., journalist Nigel Collins. of England, and broadcaster Jim Lampley of Asheville, N.C.Posthumous honorees include Japanese flyweight Masao Ohba, middleweight Ken Overlin, of Decatur...
Delivering the perfect punch

...Floyd Mayweather Jr. heard them, partly because Mayweather hears everything that goes on in the ring. Once, HBO's Jim Lampley was babbling too much ringside at a Mayweather fight, and Mayweather stopped in mid-action to urge him to calm down...
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Boxing elite turn out for Emanuel Steward's memorial service

...all ? Roy Jones Jr. ? all paid their respects."What a spectacular turnout of support," HBO Sports commentator Jim Lampley said. "Over here, you have a section that I would call the Hall of Fame section. You would have to go to Canastota...
Under fire, a judge stands by her call

...critics say, she cheated Lewis of a unified title and gave the sweet science the foul smell of a fix. Announcer Jim Lampley, who called the fight on pay per view, called the decision "fraudulent." Lewis trainer Emmanuel Steward used the...
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A devastating blow

...pugnacious lug anxious to pick a fight at any opportunity. He was -- well, a nice guy. Indeed, HBO commentator Jim Lampley, on the night in 2002 when Forrest took the welterweight title from "Sugar" Shane Mosley, quipped, "Forrest can't...
Olympics to be televised 24.5 hours a day

...assembled a veteran, familiar announcing corps, led by prime-time host Bob Costas. Daytime and late-night host Jim Lampley is working his 13th Olympics, surpassing the record set by ABC's Jim McKay. New to NBC's team is longtime skating...
Forrest, Mosley classy fighters

...Unless, of course, their class get in the way? "Forrest can't become a big star - he's nice," said HBO's Jim Lampley. "Same problem Shane Mosley has." That's a problem boxing should encourage. Reach Scott Michaux at (706) 823-3219...
Scott Michaux
Forrest's win raises more questions than answers

...favor of Quartey, crediting Forrest for winning only three of the 10 rounds. "A mild surprise," HBO commentator Jim Lampley said, even noting the look of surprise on ring announcer Michael Buffer's face as he read the verdict. "Maybe a...
Scott Michaux
Let's go to the videotape: 'Fire' on NBC's set is fake

...there's no danger of a script being burned. (Actually, the luxuriousness of NBC's main set sparks sympathy for Jim Lampley, whose CNBC Olympic studio doesn't appear to have enough leg room, much less fancy fixtures, faux or otherwise...