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Keep Wiesenthal's mission alive

Your editorial "Death of a Nazi hunter" (Sept. 21) summarized Simon Wiesenthal's life and single-minded devotion to justice. We must oppose those who deny the Holocaust, those despots who provoke mass murder and energize all who remain complacent, while genocide occurs. We must continue Mr. Wiesenthal's work. Marc Gottlieb, Augusta
Rabbi speaks to all faiths

Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, a Jewish author with four of the top 10 titles on the Current Catholic Bestsellers list for children and young people, will address the Jewish Women's Symposium at 1 p.m. Sunday. God In Between, published by Jewish Lights Publishing of Woodstock, Vt., is No. 3 on the list. It is the story of how a town with almost no windows and no roads finds God. The text is rich with detail, and the illustrations by Sally Sweetland are expressive and vibrant.
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Community to celebrate Israel's birth with festival

A crackly radio broadcast from Tel Aviv May 14, 1948, carried the voice of David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, announcing "Zeh Medinat Yisrael" -- "This is the state of Israel."It was official. Israel was an independent country. The United Nations General Assembly had divided Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian states, ending British rule. Israel celebrated the event in April, based on the Hebrew calendar.
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Fewer births, loss of heritage shrinking Jewish community

A lot of American Jews are just like Jerry Seinfeld, but that's not a laughing matter. The Jewish community is shrinking because of a low birth rate and parents who fail, out of ignorance, to pass on their heritage, said Ellen Cannon, a political science professor from Northeastern Illinois University and guest speaker Sunday at the sixth annual Women's Symposium. About 100 attended the event at Congregation Children of Israel. Jewish women represent the most highly educated group of women in America, she said.
Tradition, togetherness brings women to symposium

Ellen Cannon, a professor of political science, knows a thing or two about power structures but Jewish Orthodoxy - and the patriarchy that comes with it - doesn't faze her. "The aim of Orthodoxy is not patriarchal control," she said. "The aim of Orthodoxy is a clear framework for continuity of the Jewish people."
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