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Jet Li: 'I didn't know what love was'

HONG KONG - Jet Li says his first marriage was out of a sense of obligation, and he didn't develop a healthy loving relationship until he met actress...
Jet Li punches back against formulaic action movies

LOS ANGELES -- Jet Li wants to touch your soul before he kicks your butt. The Hong Kong action star says too many martial-arts movies ignore heart...
Forrest Griffin to fight Chuck Norris, Jet Li in a three way steel cage death match

...popularity like other Augusta-based fighters, Forrest Griffin has decided to trump them all by challenging Chuck Norris and Jet Li to a three-way steel cage death match extravaganza at the James Brown Arena in early 2008. Though plans for the three-way...
At the movies: 'Cradle 2 The Grave'

...with kung fu, and the feet and the fists are flying as Jet Li and DMX team up in the high-octane thriller "Cradle 2...has of seeing the plucky Vanessa again. But who goes to a Jet Li movie for the plot? And if the audience craves slick...
On screen

...committed a heinous crime. The One: There's not one but two Jet Lis in this sci-fi thriller. The good Jet Li is a cop; the bad Jet Li is an evil-doer from a parallel universe.
DVD releases

...Here's a roundup of what's out this week in home video and DVD, and a calendar of what's coming: 'WAR' WHAT: Jet Li and Jason Statham go fist to fist in this East-meets-West action thriller. Mr. Li stars as a shadowy assassin pursued...
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...wife in the role originated by Rachel Weisz. Thhe couple head to China, where they battle a 2,000-year-old mummy (Jet Li) who comes back to life from a curse laid on him by a sorceress (Michelle Yeoh). 'The House Bunny' WHAT: Anna Faris...
Rap, martial arts pairing helps "Cradle" top the box office

...the box office. The high-octane action-adventure film featuring rapper DMX as a gang leader and martial arts star Jet Li as a Taiwanese intelligence officer took in $17.1 million in its opening weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday...
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Mini reviews

...theaters for times. For an online movie guide, check out JUST OUT CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE (**, R) Jet LI and DMX in a movie that makes a sincere attempt to one-up previous cop-crook-buddy-sex-chase-caper-martia...
At the Movies: 'Hero'

...S. release of "Hero," his Academy Award-nominated saga of nobility and sacrifice for the greater good that stars Jet Li. At year's end comes Zhang's second historical adventure set in ancient China, "House of Flying Daggers," which...