Tempest in a coffee pot: Red cup doesn't mean someone hates Jesus

...Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus." Not the logical leap I would've selected, but there...Starbucks cup. And if you think a plain cup means somebody hates Jesus, you might want to switch to decaf. That kind of attitude...

Shun evil, live like Jesus

...the Old Testament. I thought God sent Jesus Christ to be crucified and raised on the...all of our sins when we believe in Him. Jesus Christ taught love while he was on Earth...understand, why not get to know them? Jesus did.

Amy Elizabeth Rush - Gould Barrett Hagler II

...and the late Mr. Michael Benner Hagler of Augusta, Ga. He is the grandson of Mrs. Elvia Salinas Aranda and the late Mr. Jesus Becerra Aranda, and Mr. Gould Barrett Hagler and the late Mrs. Mary Hilley Hagler, all of Augusta, Ga. He is a graduate...

Thousands expected at Augusta March for Jesus to promote Christianity

...Christians in the Media to "praise the name of Jesus, so that people will know that this town belongs to Jesus," said Dorothy Spaulding, the CEO of Watchmen...Christians."Anything that helps promote God, Jesus Christ, our Christian faith," he said...

Thousands participate in Augusta's 'March for Jesus' rally

As soon as Wouter Ceyssens heard about the March for Jesus, he knew he wanted his whole family to participate.Watching Saturday's activities on Augusta Common, he said he was happy...

Augusta for Jesus March scheduled

...Aug. 15, for the first Augusta for Jesus march.The march is being organized by...followed by an honor guard, banners of Jesus, dancers and nearly 100 cross carriers...This is strictly to praise the name of Jesus, so that people will know that this town...

Vacation Bible schools offer children new ways to learn about Jesus

...themselves in Nazareth during the time when Jesus was a boy.They'll walk through the...Mary's House, to hear the mother of Jesus explaining the faith to her nonbelieving...Naza reth. The children be learning about Jesus and about what would have been true to...

Enough sins to go around

...research" on the possibility.But it is the most devout Christians, who are likely the most offended, who are advised by Jesus against casting the first stone.And infidelity, except when it intrudes on public life, is largely a matter between the...

Joe Bowden: Lone Ranger reminds me of Jesus

...featured Matthew 16:13-28. In that story Jesus asks his disciples a similar question...Jeremiah or one of the prophets."Then Jesus asks the question that reverberates down...uncomfortable silence would have followed Jesus' question.Then, there is the startle...

We can learn from Jesus' tempation story

...had preserved for our reading and study Jesus' temptation story, for God knew we could benefit from the way in which Jesus dealt with temptations as someone who...already given us, namely his holy word as Jesus did or to call upon God to help us choose...