Don't put faith in earthly rulers

...though heaven itself depended on it. Electing the right people to office is seen as the ultimate key to ushering in the New Jerusalem, so the end must justify the means.We forget the words of the Psalmist who wrote, "Put not your trust in princes, in...

In right places, garlic chives look, taste good

Is it a weed or a garden plant? Garlic chives are among those plants ? paulownia tree, Jerusalem artichoke, mint and anise hyssop are others ? that can parade under either guise.Garlic chives come from a good enough family...

Israel part of 'new Zion'

...would end the serious problems of Israeli mistreatment in Gaza and in the occupied West Bank. It also would allow unfettered access of Christians, Jews and Muslims to their holy city of Jerusalem.Victor J. ReillyAiken, S.C.

Battle for Jerusalem shifts to biblical Mount of Olives

JERUSALEM -- Terraced with thousands of Jewish...latest battleground in the fight for Jerusalem. A Jewish seminary on its slopes has...doom their hopes for a capital in east Jerusalem, which they call "Al-Quds" -- the...

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Thousands re-enact Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem

JERUSALEM - Thousands of Christian pilgrims, the...marched from the Mount of Olives into the Jerusalem's Old City to re-enact Jesus' triumphant...hill across from it into the Old City of Jerusalem. Priests, led by the Latin Patriarch...

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Jerusalem mayor says city should remain undivided

ATLANTA -- Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said Monday the city...just have to say a simple 'No' about Jerusalem to the Palestinians and move on...gathered in a hotel ballroom.East Jerusalem, the traditionally Arab sector of the...

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Jerusalem is an occupied territory

...Larry Waxman's Aug. 4 letter about Jerusalem, I concur with him that we should not...only the history of the last 50 years. Jerusalem was inhabited by Arabic-speaking people...the advent of Islam 1,400 years ago, Jerusalem remained under Moslem control - except...

Jerusalem's status

...to ask that part of the holy city of Jerusalem - the Arab eastern section - be the capital...wants its capital to be in Jewish west Jerusalem. Furthermore, the world's Christians...offered at Camp David broad autonomy to Jerusalem's Arabs. But Arafat feels this is...

Race part of Jerusalem's recovery

JERUSALEM --- More than 10,000 runners dashed alongside ancient sites Friday in the Jerusalem's first marathon, just two days after...half-marathon and other events.The route along Jerusalem's steep streets took runners through the...

How did King David conquer Jerusalem?

...troops defeated the Jebusite forces at Jerusalem and made the city the Israelite capital...of tunnels around the Gihon Spring, Jerusalem's only natural source of water located...restoration and has since become a popular Jerusalem tourist attraction. Yigal Shiloh, who...

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