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Evans homeowners association board upset over firing

...of the democratic process," said McLeod, who is now managing the subdivision on behalf of Werner. "It is the Jerry Springer Show."Werner, the president of Pierwood Construction, developed the neighborhood under the name Santa Monica LLC...
Kurt Busch approached by 'The Jerry Springer Show' about sponsorship

...Kurt Busch's outbursts might not play well with NASCAR officials, but they have attracted the interest of The Jerry Springer Show.The show's producers have reached out to Busch and Phoenix Racing about sponsoring the No. 51 Chevrolet, Fox...
Study: TV reality is harsher than fiction

...sucked me right in." He said he suspects reality's future may mirror what happened to talk shows when "The Jerry Springer Show" was hot. A handful of the coarser talk shows remain - Springer even sells uncut versions of his show - but the...
More of TV's old cop shows deserve movie makeovers

...time you saw a former alcoholic with relationship difficulties living in a trailer who hadn't appeared on The Jerry Springer Show? CASTING CHOICE: Scott Bakula of Enterprise. WHY HIM? He's slightly grizzled and charismatic and is going...
Odds and Ends

...turned into a year in prison. Alexander bragged on television that he dumped his girlfriend while a guest on "The Jerry Springer Show." After receiving a tip, Cape May County prosecutors watched as Alexander and his 22-year-old girlfriend...
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Parents get ugly on fields

...act," he said. "Sports events shouldn't become real life WWF wrestling matches or the next episode of the Jerry Springer show." Poor sportsmanship Other examples of recent violence in youth sports: September: A tied soccer game between...
Shares life's stage with Jerry Springer in mysterious ways. We're all players in a Jerry Springer show. David Sisler (column, March 20) "jives" with...your spouse. And for God's sake, celebrate the Jerry Springer show. Harley Wycoff, Augusta
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Rodman moves closer to joining Lakers

...have to "fight them in court to get that money." At times, the news conference resembled an episode of "The Jerry Springer Show" -- although there was no fighting, Rodman used four-letter words and made sexual references about his wife...
Area residents tune to Clinton testimony

...said Shannon Denson, a 21-year-old sophomore, waving her hand at the TV. "To me, it's like a big Jerry Springer Show, and Congress and everybody else are the producers. This is hurting kids more than Jerry Springer, because they...
This Chicken loves the stage

...storefront windows or dressing up in women's bathing suits and walking around the store. On stage he does a one-man Jerry Springer Show , playing all the parts, slamming himself against the wall, overturning tables and knocking over drinks. "It...
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