Jerry Brigham a good commissioner

...received by mail a brochure from Augusta Commissioner Jerry Brigham's opposition in the upcoming District 7 commission...Brigham and questioned his integrity. I have known Jerry Brigham for over 25 years, and I have always found his integrity...

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Turnout expected to be light in Augusta Commission District 7 race

...Week-related activities while drawing his trooper salary with the Georgia State Patrol.Former District 7 commissioner Jerry Brigham said he expected turnout to be between 10 and 15 percent.The winner will likely be "the person who can get all their...

State legislators won't push bill giving mayor more power this session

...would not be a good thing. I think he needs more power, but we need to be judicious in what we give him," said Jerry Brigham, a former Augusta commissioner.Brigham said trained city staff ought to handle budgeting but that the mayor should...

'It's a never-ending fee'

...they will always find something to spend it on."It's a never-ending fee," noted former Augusta Commissioner Jerry Brigham. "It's a way of raising revenue without raising taxes, and you will see public works (funding) being shifted...

Rain fee needs more public input: commissioners

...If we're going to create a monster, we've got to know how to contain it," Williams said.Former Commissioner Jerry Brigham, an accountant, spoke out against the fee Monday, calling the commission "arrogant" for planning to approve a...

Jerry Brigham, a helpful leader

...election on Nov. 6. We are even more fortunate to have Jerry Brigham as our current commissioner. Mr. Brigham deserves...oversee and work with budget matters. Let's keep Jerry Brigham as commissioner for District 7. DeWitt R. Dent, Martinez...

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Likes Jerry Brigham in Dist. 7 Commission race

...type takes all the credit. District 7 Commissioner Jerry Brigham is the first type. Mr. Brigham is a quiet man who...County. It's good solid conservative representation. Jerry Brigham worked hard for and believes in a strong, professional...

District 7: Jerry Brigham

...seat. Ultimately, however, we endorse accountant JERRY BRIGHAM. During his distinguished tenure as a Board of Education...hesitant to expose government waste or mismanagement. If Jerry Brigham is defeated, we fear a dominant Commission coalition...

Anybody but 'rude' Jerry Brigham

I read a letter from someone praising Augusta Commissioner Jerry Brigham. The writer must be related to Mr. Brigham since I don't believe he lives in Mr. Brigham's district. The commissioner is...

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Hear public on fee issue

The citizens of Richmond County need to flood the commission meeting to let the commissioners understand how distasteful this fee is to them.