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TV networks cover first big election since Florida fiasco

...trusted again? "I'd like to think we've learned a lesson, all of us, a lesson in humility," said CNN analyst Jeff Greenfield, who will be on camera for several hours Tuesday for midterm election coverage. Election Night viewers should expect...
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TV Lookout: highlights for the week

...interesting stretch - Ben Affleck, and to shed light on "truths" surrounding the Nobel Prize founder and the actual length of the 100 Years War. Helping out with commentary: Tucker Carlson, Jeff Greenfield, David Cross and Sarah Vowell.
Debate had substance - and neither candidate sighed

...appearing to scribble notes. "John Kerry was clearly aware that the camera might always be on him," said CNN's Jeff Greenfield, who added that, to a viewer sizing up the two images, "it does seem to me that John Kerry looked - and I hate...
CNN placing bet on newsmagazines with high-profile partners

...series. Starting Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT, the one-hour "NewsStand: CNN and Time" will take to the air with Jeff Greenfield and Bernard Shaw as co-hosts. The news show will be repeated Monday nights. Wednesday nights, Willow Bay and...
CBS's Dan Rather guest host on CNN's `Larry King Live' of King's program in 1995, before NBC started the competing MSNBC cable news network. ABC's Hugh Downs and Jeff Greenfield both were hosts before that network established a policy banning such a practice. "We're not in the business of...
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Networks learned lesson from 2000 election

...unaware of each other. CNN's Judy Woodruff explained at length why Ohio hadn't been decided, while her colleague Jeff Greenfield conceded that, "if we hadn't gone through what we went through in 2000, we probably would have called Ohio for...
Networks plan special coverage of Calif. recall

...election report on CNN, starting at 11 p.m. EDT. He'll be joined by CNN's political team of Judy Woodruff, Jeff Greenfield, Candy Crowley and Bill Schneider. Blitzer will also provide updates during prime-time on the East Coast. MSNBC's...
Summer's wild political circus wins TV's vote can't lump celebrities together simply because they are unorthodox or would-be candidates, contends CNN's Jeff Greenfield. While Flynt may be "bogus," Greenfield said, Schwarzenegger scored a political victory last year by backing...