Chestnut wins hot dog eating contest again at Conley Island

NEW YORK - High-ranking chowhound Joey "Jaws" Chestnut dropped to one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend before Friday's annual hot dog eating contest, then packed...

More to sharks than 'Jaws' at Monterey Bay Museym

MONTEREY, Calif. -- There is more to sharks than the menacing creature that terrorized swimmers in the 1970s movie "Jaws." A new exhibit opening April 2 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium wants to dispel some of the stereotypes about the most feared...

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Shark sightings feed tourism

...shark-related merchandise.Shark T-shirts are everywhere, Jaws has been playing in local movie theaters and boats are taking...reaction has been nearly the opposite of the panic depicted in Jaws, the 1975 film shot mainly on the Massachusetts island of Martha's...

Tobacco: Baseball's dangerous tradition

...training,'' Glavine told CBS. "We would be educated on it. We would be shown pictures of people that had done it who had jaws removed or half of their face removed because of cancer. You can only have so much of the scare effect and hope it takes with...

JAWS: Do you still fear the fin?

...everyone on the beach was thinking one thing - Jaws. Since it's release 30 years ago this summer, Jaws has continued to capture the imagination of...sand-and-sandal set with a simple question - how has Jaws affected your beach behavior? Connie Camilleri...

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The jaws of death

...shot. Ms. Chavous struck a remarkably global perspective from her hospital bed, for a lovely lady who'd just escaped the jaws of death - even thinking compassionately toward her savage attackers: "I think it's very cruel to take little living creatures...

Deputy shot, suspect dead at Georgia courthouse

...years ago when she was walking her Maltese dog, Daisy, past his house and his dog attacked hers. His dog grabbed hers in its jaws and shook the Maltese back and forth. Marx told her his dog wasn't being aggressive and was just playing with her dog like...

Pavey: Sharks get the publicity, but wild hogs are just as deadly

...sheep.All things considered, hog incidents don't generate near the hype as shark attacks, which Mayer attributes to the "Jaws" mentality.But here is some final food for thought to remember next time you are hiking in the swamp and a big boar steps...

Growing bone next wave of body repair

...part of the body, Tandon said.So far it is in animal testing such as pigs, where the EpiBone was used to replace part of the jaws of the pigs. Compared to a traditional bone graft, the EpiBone graft filled in better and while the traditional graft was degenerating...

Pavey: Coyote trapped at SRS carries DNA of grey wolf

...seal up. The way he described it, the boar must have given the fellow a scar worthy of the famous scar duel discussion in the Jaws movie.The data on feral pig injuries was fascinating, but did not include the most common human injury associated with feral...