Hot Java

...company's latest snit. That target is Java, a promising new software technology that...computer maker Sun Microsystems Inc., Java's popularity is surging. Apprentice...animation and interactivity. Written in Java, these applets allow users to make chess...

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Java found at heart of Justice case

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Java, a technology that could dramatically...Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates set out to kill Java, a versatile computer programming language...98 that contain an altered version of Java that is incompatible with software made...

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Microsoft: Java technology was junk

...rival company's computer technology, called Java, suggesting in a court exchange Thursday that Java's troubled early years were the rival's...Microsystems Inc. scientist who helped create Java, with claims that his technology has been...

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Gates admits 'Java' posed threat

...believed a rival computer language, called "Java," could threaten his lucrative Windows...developers from tailoring their products to use Java rather than Windows. "Our concern is...Gates said. "... If we looked at how (Java) might be evolved in the future, we did...

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Microsoft wants Java for Windows

...intended to make it easier to use its version of the Java programming language. Java, which has been touted as a way to develop programs...competitors fear that by promoting its own version of Java, the company may be further entrenching its Windows...

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Microsoft trial turns to 'Java' pollution

...Microsoft moved illegally to "pollute" Java, a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. Software written using Java can run on a variety of computers, minimizing...Chairman Bill Gates once wrote in e-mail the Java threat "scares the hell out of me...

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Microsoft says it tried to improve Java computer language

...that it illegally tried to "pollute" Java, a computer language that threatens its...company actually was trying to improve Java, Microsoft attorneys said. During the testimony of a senior executive from Java's developer, Sun Microsystems, U...

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Judge: Microsoft must put Sun's Java in Windows

...Microsoft must include rival Sun Microsystems' Java programming language in its Windows operating...computers - with an outdated version of Java that's inconsistent for its users...violations," Motz said in his ruling. Java is designed to let programmers write software...

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Java Hut brews to go

...Perk from your head before you hit the Java Hut, at the intersection of Ninth and...all of our business is to-go." The Java Hut is basically a drive-in, catching...her husband, John, opened their first Java Hut at Fort Gordon a year ago, after they...

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Mrs. Java Lou Rousey (TIGNALL, Ga.)

TIGNALL, Ga. - Mrs. Java Lou Parham Rousey, 77, of the Delhi Rd., died Sunday at the McDuffie County Hospital. Graveside services will be Tuesday at...