Collapse of exchange spells trouble for bitcoin

...people close to the company had confirmed the figures. Reached by phone, he declined to comment further. The Japanese government has not announced any formal investigation.The scandal might cost customers dearly.At the Tokyo office tower...

Mad cow disease in Asia confirmed

...Agriculture said Saturday, confirming the first known case of the deadly brain-wasting illness in Asia. The Japanese government had announced last week that the 5-year-old dairy cow in central Japan might have suffered from the sickness...

XXX Technology
WTO rules for Fuji in trade dispute

...Japanese photo film company Fuji conspired with the Japanese government to keep Eastman Kodak products out of Japan. The...rival. It said it had never conspired with the Japanese government to keep Kodak products off Japanese store shelves...

XXX Bizarre
Moody's downgrades Japanese debt

...cut its assessment of the creditworthiness of the Japanese government Tuesday in the latest sign of growing international...rating of all securities issued or guaranteed by the Japanese government by one notch from the highest rating of Aaa to...

Two years after disaster, Fukushima residents thriving, healing

...short-circuit triggered by a rat. Decommissioning all the reactors is expected to take decades.Meanwhile, the Japanese government still is very pro-nuclear and stresses ? rightly, I think ? that nuclear power still is overwhelmingly safe...

Report reveals truth about Japan disaster

...expended vilifying the Tokyo Electric Power Co., the Japanese government, and the nuclear industry in general for months...unfounded.I submit that the accused ? TEPCO, the Japanese government and the nuclear industry ? are guilty of not...

Court orders Japanese government to pay for suicide from overwork

TOKYO -- In a nation of workaholics, a Japanese judge on Friday blamed a man's suicide on exhaustion from working 80-hour weeks and ordered the government to compensate his family -- possibly paving the way for thousands of such cases. Before Mori Iijima hanged himself in his garage in 1985, he was driven to depression from overwork at his job in a machine shop, the Nagano District Court ruled.

Update on Japanese auto recalls

TOKYO -- Toyota declined a Japanese government energy efficiency award given to its hybrid Prius, saying that the honor is not appropriate for a car hit by massive recalls...

American, partners boost JAL support offer

...weeks and months." The announcement came as the Japanese government finalizes details of a turnaround plan for JAL...according to media reports. "While JAL and the Japanese government might decide to address capital requirements internally...

Journalists get apology after assault

...would look into the new rules that require reporters to make appointments to do reports at Tiananmen Square. The Japanese government and the Foreign Correspondents Club of China condemned the roughing up of the Japanese newsmen who were covering...