Mr. James Patterson Sr. (ALLENDALE, S.C.)

ALLENDALE, S.C. - Mr. James Patterson Sr., age 48, died June 1, 2003. Funeral services will...two daughters, Daphne Carter, Shantel McMillan; one son, James Patterson Jr., five sisters; three brothers; two grandchildren...

Business news

...nest Hemingway stories published by Scribner.Hachette authors have criticized Amazon in recent weeks, including James Patterson, who noted that the purchase of books written by him, Malcolm Glad well, Nicholas Sparks and others had been made...

Publishers, public meet at BookExpo

...control book selling, book buying, and even book publishing, and that is a national tragedy," Hachette author James Patterson warned as he spoke before hundreds of independent booksellers. "If this is to be the new American way, then maybe...

James Patterson's '4th of July' is a dud

Underneath all the distractions, there's a good little mystery in James Patterson's "4th of July," written with Maxine Paetro. But a complex thriller it's not. As the story opens, San Francisco Police...

A bad wind blows through James Patterson's latest thriller

"The 5th Horseman." By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. Little, Brown. 410 Pages. $27.95...untimely deaths, but it's one of the smoothest. The latest in James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series, written with Maxine...

'Mary, Mary' offers nothing clever or compelling

"Mary, Mary." By James Patterson. Little, Brown. 392 Pages. $27.95. --- There's nothing particularly clever or compelling in James Patterson's latest Alex Cross thriller, "Mary, Mary," which finds...


...Monthly) 2. Cat & Mouse, by James Patterson (Little, Brown) 3. The Ghost...Vision) 3. Jack & Jill, by James Patterson (Warner Vision) 4. Airframe...Pocket) 8. Kiss the Girls, by James Patterson (Warner) 9. The Rainmaker...

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Best selling books

...Farrar, Straus & Giroux) 2.When the Wind Blows, by James Patterson (Little, Brown) 3.Mirror Image, by Danielle...Martin Greenberg (Berkley) 6.Cat & Mouse, by James Patterson (Warner) 7.The Winner, by David Baldacci (Warner...

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Best selling books

...David Balducci (Warner) 3. When the Wind Blows, by James Patterson (Little, Brown) 4. Bag of Bones, by Stephen King...by Sebastian Junger (Harper) 7. Cat & Mouse, by James Patterson (Warner) 8. Protein Power, by Michael R. Eades...

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Best selling books

...Kingsolver (HarperFlamingo) 5.When the Wind Blows, by James Patterson (Little, Brown) 6.Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur...Crown) MASS MARKET PAPERBACKS 1.Cat & Mouse, by James Patterson (Warner) 2.Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution...

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