After 276, a birthday for Augusta is no big deal

...because in a letter that was dated June 14, 1736, James Oglethorpe ordered authorities to lay out our town.Over the...continues.Anyway, let me tell you my favorite James Oglethorpe story. During his military duty in Europe, a German...

Keep Brown statue at fans' level

...photos of a statue of James Brown than a statue of James Oglethorpe. It's not that we shouldn't have that nice statue...spent many years here. But the truth is that both James Oglethorpe and James Brown have put Augusta on the map. Of...

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Test your knowledge of Augusta history; perfect study guide is online

...connection killed a man in a tavern over a political debate?A. Joe WheelerB. James LongstreetC. David TwiggsD. James Oglethorpe 2. What famous general with an Augusta connection surrendered every federal fort, cannon and musket in the state...

Kirby: Test your 'Kirby's Augusta' IQ

...Augusta business rival Henry Shultz.C. The region's original Native American inhabitants.D. The ghost of James Oglethorpe. 3. The Christmas season of 1951 was best known for:A. Dwight Eisenhower playing Santa in the Broad Street parade...

We will move forward on Savannah's port

...White House.In 1999 Congress passed legislation to deepen the Savannah River. This is not a new concept. When James Oglethorpe sailed up the Savannah River in 1733, the depth was 12 feet. When I worked in the late 1970s on the waterfront...

Savannah tour seeks Paula Deen, Forrest Gump impersonators

...tour company known for using Savannah's colorful range of historical characters - from the city's founder Gen. James Oglethorpe to the infamous central character of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," Jim Williams - to illustrate the...

Local youth choir preparing for trip to England

...tour in England, including one date in Godalming.They leave for England on June 10.Godalming is the hometown of James Oglethorpe, who spent most of his childhood in the small town. Oglethorpe founded Georgia as a colony in 1732 and named Augusta...

Roy Rogers sang Christmas songs too

...Harmon already have. SPEAKING OF YOUTUBE: My latest Kirby's Augusta history video is about our town's founder, James Oglethorpe. My favorite part is the story of Oglethorpe and the German general.You can watch it at augustachronicle.com...

Pop Rocks: Squeaky's at Tip-Top of mind for reunion

...to locate and, quite frankly, I'd rather not know. I'd like to believe that it has always been there, that James Oglethorpe wandered in from the wilderness and declare Ye Olde Squeaky's "sort of a dump."Squeaky's called its last...

This day in the millennium -- February 12

Nation/World 1733 -- English colonists led by James Oglethorpe founded Savannah, Ga. 1809 -- Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born in present-day Larue County...