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State looks to growers for a plan

...better than anything else they can get for their children, we're going to continue to have problems," he said. James Lee Adams, a farmer from Camilla, said the state also should commit more agricultural research dollars to developing innovative...
Farmers harvest peanut crop hit by drought, virus

...state's peanuts are used to make peanut butter. "It's not an exceptional crop," said Mitchell County grower James Lee Adams, who began digging his crop last week. "Tomato virus has devastated some of these fields." The Georgia Agricultural...
State must be unified, leader says

...could deprive them of the water they need for irrigation, attended the meeting in droves. Mitchell County farmer James Lee Adams said he opposes water restrictions but realizes it's not an unlimited resource. "I don't want to lose my peanut...
Weather extremes could mean higher pecan prices

...Agriculture. Several growers said they expect higher prices even with the availability of carryover nuts. Camilla grower James Lee Adams said the short crop and large carryover highlight the need for a system that stabilizes supplies, something the fractious...
Farmers split over `fast-track' trade track affecting crops in different ways. "It depends on what hat you put on," said Mitchell County farmer James Lee Adams, who grows peanuts, corn, soybeans and other crops. "As a soybean farmer, I'm in favor of it. If I got my...
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