Minister volunteers to inspire fire crew

...uplifting and to be prayed for." The Rev. Steere has a 35-foot-long prayer tent in his van, a box full of King James Bibles and a plastic TV stand he uses for a pulpit during Sunday services. On other days, when he's not under cover, he...

Building body and soul at the Lord's Gym

...But just in case someone does want to talk religion, Kornblum has copies of the Hebrew, King James and New King James Bibles behind the cafe counter, plus a copy of the Torah. "They come in just to talk to him," says Freehling, who calls...

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Many people connect with slower modems

...takes about 25 minutes to download 10 megabytes of data, which is a huge amount of material equal to about seven King James Bibles. A 28.8 modem would take about 49 minutes to download the same amount, and a 14.4 would take about 97 minutes...

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