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...series on The Great Books, and will begin with the King James Bible.Portions of the film KJB: The Book that Changed the...21. This year marks the 403rd anniversary of the King James Bible.Services begin at 11 a.m. Mann Memorial is at 2705...

Ban on anchoring is tied to tradition of golf

...anchored clubs in a decisive way. In a joint news conferences filled with more use of the word "whilst" since the King James Bible, USGA chief Mike Davis and his R&A counterpart Peter Dawson proposed a ban on anchoring clubs against the body...

With belief, prayer works

...Let me be very clear ? he used the New International Version of the Bible. May I quote from the authorized King James Bible, which has stood for more than 400 years?Hosea 4:6 says we are destroyed "for lack of knowledge." II Timothy...

Nation turned against God

...political, economical, social, aesthetic, medical and scientific.For most of American history, the old King James Bible held center stage in homes, schools, courts, businesses and churches. But with the trampling and rejection of the...

Preacher Gene Johnson combines faith, patriotism in ministry

...shy away from.On Sunday at Bel Air, he preached on the founding of America, baptism, the superiority of the King James Bible (the only one Johnson will use), Obamacare and persecution of Christians."I'm an American, from the crown of...

Old English retains special meaning

...end of the article on the King James Bible ("Living words," May 1) it's...of much Scripture. In the King James Bible these words are second-person...the many subtleties of the King James Bible.Grady Daniel Jr.Appling

Brighter days fill history of city landmark

...Because he needed residents and money for upkeep, James Bible Jr. requested and received approval from the planning...store, restaurant, lounge and office rental space.James Bible sold the building in 1983 to Bon Air Associates, under...

Falcons star has more woes ahead

...Holocaust and tsunami), restaurants (Denny's, Outback and Waffle House), texts (Magna Carta, Mein Kampf, King James Bible and Koran) and any religious icons (Virgin Mary and Zeus) or organizations (Scientology, Rastafarians and Greek...

Scott Michaux
Minister volunteers to inspire fire crew

...uplifting and to be prayed for." The Rev. Steere has a 35-foot-long prayer tent in his van, a box full of King James Bibles and a plastic TV stand he uses for a pulpit during Sunday services. On other days, when he's not under cover, he...

Museum exhibit examines history of the Holy Bible

...audiences get access to such a variety of them. "The average person has never seen the original version of the King James Bible, let alone the Dead Sea Scrolls," he said. Kathy Oathout, executive director of the Florida International Museum...

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