King James Bible's impact without equal

...published book in history, the King James Bible, will be Monday. This version's...impact when he said, "The King James Bible is a cornerstone of our culture...resulted in a masterpiece. The King James Bible became the one common standard...

The King James Bible - 400 Years

The King James Bible (KJB) is still alive and well after...administration with his hand on the King James Bible to take the oath to uphold the United...book read in outer space was the King James Bible. With the inspiring background of the...

Happy 400th, KJV

...the Chronicle marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, first published in May 1611.Look for a column in...the package is a list of idioms given to us by the King James Bible. They include phrases like "salt of the earth," found...

Ban on anchoring is tied to tradition of golf

...anchored clubs in a decisive way. In a joint news conferences filled with more use of the word "whilst" since the King James Bible, USGA chief Mike Davis and his R&A counterpart Peter Dawson proposed a ban on anchoring clubs against the body...

Nation turned against God

...political, economical, social, aesthetic, medical and scientific.For most of American history, the old King James Bible held center stage in homes, schools, courts, businesses and churches. But with the trampling and rejection of the...

With belief, prayer works

...Let me be very clear ? he used the New International Version of the Bible. May I quote from the authorized King James Bible, which has stood for more than 400 years?Hosea 4:6 says we are destroyed "for lack of knowledge." II Timothy...

Old English retains special meaning

...end of the article on the King James Bible ("Living words," May 1) it's...of much Scripture. In the King James Bible these words are second-person...the many subtleties of the King James Bible.Grady Daniel Jr.Appling

Some Bibles bore interesting typos

...the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible ("Living words," May 1).And although we might...your fine article some things about reprints of the King James Bible that might interest some of your readers?In England...

Volume of literary essays is bound to please

...catch up with old friends and make new ones." Readers can sit in a quiet corner and scrutinize figures such as King James Bible translator William Tyndale, 17th-century diarist Samuel Pepys, Samuel Johnson's biographer James Boswell, Greek...

Taking up serpents

...embracing serpent-handling. Mark 16:18 of the King James Bible reads: "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink...promises to make good on his debt as he cites the King James Bible, the book of Job, and says, "Job was perfect, and...