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Final respects

...elevates our self-esteem, producing laughter. That's pretty heavy stuff about a kid from Babylon, N.Y., born Jacob Cohen in 1921. After years of toil in and out of show business, his career finally took off after a 1967 appearance on The...
TV Lookout

...called a halt to show biz for a normal family life. But after a decade in paint-and-siding sales, the man born Jacob Cohen returned to comedy, this time with the name that everybody came to respect: Rodney Dangerfield. Now the king of the...
Samaritan fear for bleak future

...defects, according to Mr. Samri. But 26-year-old Jacob Cohen, a nephew of Hosni and engaged to one of his cousins...I believe this is in God's hands," he said. Jacob Cohen said that despite the many restrictions, he would never...
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Rodney Dangerfield dies at 82

...was doubled when you had the pleasure to meet him. He was a hero who lived up to the hype." Dangerfield was born Jacob Cohen on Nov. 22, 1921, on New York's Long Island. Growing up in the borough of Queens, his mother was uncaring and...
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Picking the perfect name for the New U.

...joke: He goes to see a shyster who tells him he has a great personality, but he needs a new name; his real name was Jacob Cohen. For $500, he offers him "Rodney Dangerfield." Dangerfield doesn't like his new name at first and tries to return...