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Always the star

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Jack Lemmon remains little changed by his 73 years He's a bit thick in...Remick, Steve McQueen, Eva Marie Saint, Charlton Heston -- and Jack Lemmon. "It was great training, no question," Lemmon agreed. The...
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Odd couple's road trip finds humor, lacks plot

Watching Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon make the talk show circuit, trading one-liners and barbs like...impulse or dramatic purpose. Odd Couple 2 Rating: * 1/2 Cast: Jack Lemmon plays Felix Ungar, Walter Matthau is Oscar Madison, Christine...
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Enjoy Augusta

Jack Lemmon ? the devoted amateur golfer who also happened to be an Oscar-winning actor ? once quipped, "If you think it's hard to...
You can order drama, action at cinema bars

...idea that filmmakers have latched onto. Be it the Blues Brothers breaking down Rawhide at Bob's Country Bunker or Jack Lemmon slipping further into addiction in Days of Wine and Roses, the bar - be it tavern, pub or watering hole - has provided...
Steven Uhles
Secret identities put the adventure in some films like a comfortable coat, is so appealing to film fans. Be it the Lone Ranger hiding out behind his black mask or Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis donning heels and hose in Some Like It Hot, the invented persona, as a plot device, seems endlessly...
Steven Uhles
Big screen

...learn a bit about brotherhood in the process. A very granola flick, based on a true story. Out to Sea Go see this one with your grandparents. Basically it's Grumpy Old Men on a boat, with, of course, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.
Sexy silliness

...plenty of it -- takes place in Mr. and Mrs. Markham's top floor London flat on a summer evening. Reminiscent of the Jack Lemmon movie The Apartment, the flat becomes the destination point for all of the characters' sexual affairs. Flamboyant...
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Overindulgent movies appropriate

...Director Blake Edwards was coming off such feel-good fare as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Operation Petticoat, and star Jack Lemmon had been appearing in light comedies such as The Apartment and Some Like It Hot. So audiences were a little shocked...
New DVD releases

...gets a makeover with a new two-disc edition. Billy Wilder's 1959 classic stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in the story of two musicians who witness the St. Valentine's Day massacre and hide out from the gangsters by disguising...
Drinking makes for good plots

...tend to quickly jettison plot and character in favor of sermons about the dangers of drinking. This film, starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick as a married couple in love with the bottle, is effective because its use of plot and character tell...
Steven Uhles