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Peaches are ready for picking

...volume in boxes is off, but the price has held very, very well and is holding strong," said Sonny Yonce, of J.W. Yonce and Sons. "Everyone may not have packed the volume that was expected (so far), but a good price is making up for it...
New local bank names backers

...Valley Golf Club Weldon Wyatt: Real estate developer and CEO of Sage Valley Golf Club Sonny Yonce: President of J.W. Yonce and Sons Farms Inc., a Johnston, S.C.-based peach and citrus distributor Source: CSRA Financial Corp.
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Growers say their fruit is the sweetest of all

...Carolina, I'd have to answer it that South Carolina peaches taste better," said peach grower Sonny Yonce of J.W. Yonce and Sons near Johnston. However, he said, wrangling about which state produces sweeter peaches is like bickering about...
Low-carb diet could be causing peach glut

...I'm not going to call it a disaster yet, but it's getting close," said Sonny Yonce, a co-owner of the J.W. Yonce and Sons peach and packing operation near Johnston, S.C. "It's absolutely some of the best fruit we've ever harvested...
Farmers still waiting

...That wouldn't have happened without a break in the drought, said Sonny Yonce, who with his brother Larry runs J.W. Yonce and Sons farm operations in Johnston. "We started off with a drought that hurt our volume some in the beginning, but...
Low temperatures frighten gardeners keep them warm. "It looks like we are going to have a good crop," he said. There was some concern at the J.W. Yonce and Sons Inc. peach orchard, where some varieties of peaches are already in full bloom, but no crop loss was reported...
Peach trees bloom early

...temperatures can damage the fruit-producing flower and have drastic consequences for the crop, said Sonny Yonce of J.W. Yonce and Sons."This is a nervous time for the fruit industry all the way to the first of April," said Yonce who spotted...
Peach farmers weather storm, fear more ice

...could really cause damage." In the wake of heavy rains, limbs of bowl-shaped peach trees are being pruned at J. W. Yonce and Sons Peach Orchards in Johnston. Co-owner Sonny Yonce, 62, is the third generation in his family to manage the...
Hodges seeks aid for fruit farms

...almost all the time. Sonny Yonce, co-owner of J.W. Yonce and Sons Farms in Johnston, estimates a loss of as much...still unsure what to expect in the end harvest. If J.W. Yonce and Sons Farms comes out on the losing end this fall, they...
Peach prospect begins to sour

...emergency loans. "Unless we get rain, we're going to run out of water to irrigate," said Sonny Yonce, of J.W. Yonce and Sons in Johnston. Most peach farmers predict that will be around July 4. Since April 1, areas along the Ridge have...
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