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South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley tours peach orchards damaged by freeze

Freezing temperatures in late March ruined the early South Carolina peach harvest. Gov. Nikki Haley toured the damage Monday at J.W. Yonce and Sons Inc. peach orchards.
Peaches are ready for picking

EDGEFIELD, S.C. --- Freestone peaches are in and daytime temperatures have moderated a bit, a profitable combination for local peach markets.
New local bank names backers

Business leaders from all corners of the Augusta area will supply the brains and money to the proposed community bank being fronted by former Wachovia executive Jeff Spears.
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Growers say their fruit is the sweetest of all

Georgia peaches vs. South Carolina peaches. The Peach State vs. The Tastier Peach State?
Low-carb diet could be causing peach glut

AIKEN - South Carolina and Georgia peach growers are at the height of packing bumper crops of some of the sweetest, juiciest fruit they've ever produced.
Farmers still waiting

No one is out of the woods yet -- certainly not the people in the fields. Area farmers may have dodged a bullet when summer's arid weather was broken by fits of rain several weeks ago, but the searing, triple-digit heat that followed the showers has them holding their collective breath again.
Low temperatures frighten gardeners keep them warm. "It looks like we are going to have a good crop," he said. There was some concern at the J.W. Yonce and Sons Inc. peach orchard, where some varieties of peaches are already in full bloom, but no crop loss was reported...
Peach trees bloom early

After warm temperatures forced some peach trees to bloom early, farmers hope a frost doesn't wipe out the peach crop.
Peach farmers weather storm, fear more ice

JOHNSTON - South Carolina peach growers are looking at this year's crop with an optimism as delicate as the five-petaled blossoms that could be decimated in the next four weeks by the icy blow of a late frost.
Hodges seeks aid for fruit farms

South Carolina fruit producers who lost crops to frost and freezing temperatures earlier this year might get some relief from the federal government. Gov. Jim Hodges requested Friday that Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman designate Aiken, Edgefield, Saluda and three other South Carolina counties as disaster areas because of crop losses resulting from March and April frosts and freezes.