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Ballestros out 1978. He won in 1980 and 1983. His nephew, Ivan Ballesteros, speaking on behalf of the golfer's Amen Corner...He has suffered from back pain for a long time," Ivan Ballesteros said. "But it was during his build-up to the...
Mickelson sorry Ballesteros can't make Champions Dinner

...don't think he's planning on attending. So our thoughts and prayers are going to be with him that evening."Ivan Ballesteros, the nephew and manager for the European Tour icon, said his uncle was flattered by the gesture."He was very...
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Mourners say their farewells to Seve Ballesteros

...from nothing to everything, realizing his dream to be the best and to be in the heart of the people," said nephew Ivan Ballesteros, who was flanked by the golfer's sons Javier and Miguel on the church altar. "In the end he decided when and...
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