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Apple wins class-action iPod lawsuit provided necessary security protection and was part of a larger package of features that made its iPods and iTunes music store popular with consumers.Apple applauded the verdict in a statement: "We created iPod and iTunes to give our customers...
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies at 56

...sleeker with each generation, introduced many lifelong Windows users to their first Apple gadget.The arrival of the iTunes music store in 2003 gave people a convenient way to buy music legally online, song by song. The music industry got a way to...
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...has a 4-gigabyte and 8-gigabyte model, starts at $499 and synchs movies, music and photos through Apple's iTunes Music Store. The gadget will start shipping in June.
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Apple unveils phone, makes name change

...computers and announced the number of songs sold on its iTunes Music Store has topped 2 billion. Apple shares jumped more - movies, music, photos - through Apple's iTunes Music Store. The device also synchs e-mail content, Web bookmarks...
Make your own movie cuts, legally

...purchased or rented from online outlets like Movielink, Inc.'s Unbox, or Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store. Unlike existing video-sharing Web sites where viewers can go to watch homemade or tweaked videos that others...
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Apple unveils online movie store, gadget to connect TV

...service Tuesday and showed off a device that will make it easier for consumers to watch the videos on television. The iTunes Music Store, however, will initially carry movies only from the studios of The Walt Disney Co., where Apple CEO Steve Jobs...
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Techbits: Auto-news, Philadelphia Wi-Fi and more

...Audible Inc., which specializes in downloads of audiobooks and radio programs, and from Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store. The initial episodes were free and entered the Guinness Book of Records for the most-downloaded podcasts of all...
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AOL revamps video portal with links to rivals

...Back Kotter," "Sisters" and "Growing Pains." But AOL faces immense competition. Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store and Google Video offer clips for sale, generally $1.99 for an episode of a television show. YouTube, meanwhile...
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Goggles turn iPod into virtual full-size TV

...lenses directly to the eyes. After settling back to watch "The Apprentice," which I purchased from Apple's iTunes Music Store, I was surprised to find that I felt comfortable enough to get up and walk about. Pretty soon I was ironing a shirt...
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MTV and Microsoft to develop online music service

...percent of the digital player market, and Apple's iTunes Music Store accounts for around 80 percent of the licensed music...the end of the day, the iPod drives sales to the iTunes Music Store," Gartenberg said. "It didn't happen the other...