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Bringing parents to work can bridge generation gap

...employees to stay with us and parent advice is often involved in some of those big career decisions," Stoddart says. "So, it's OK with me if a parent says, 'Gee, I love that place, Leo Burnett. Why are you looking around?'"LinkedIn views parents...
Orange to play first visit to Clemson's Death Valley

...for our kids. We just need to continue to get more consistent. We've got to try to look forward, not backward."It's OK to look back at least once, though.Last week, Syracuse (3-4, 1-2 ACC) beat Wake Forest 30-7 on the road to...
Page: Georgia's Gurley has heart of champion

ATHENS, Ga. - Spiking the ball after a touchdown for Todd Gurley was just like hurdling a defender during a long, fourth-quarter run.
US is leaving its best hope for victory in the Ryder cup back home

A system change needs to be made to ensure the best players make the U.S. Ryder Cup roster and not just the more recognizable names.
Face coverings suspicious

...breaking the law. In the Middle East, terrorists also dress like this.I hope Mr. Brown doesn't tell his children that it's OK to look that way. Otherwise, they will have problems, too.If he wants to be judged by the content of his character and...
Let Export-Import Bank expire

...chance to compete for additional business. And even if they chose to turn down a deal, why would the government presume it's OK to collateralize taxpayer money for something the private sector deems too risky?Ex-Im supporters argue 89 percent of...
Tony Romo will play against Baltimore Ravens

...the outspoken Republican governor said the punishment given to the Baltimore Ravens running back sends the message that it's OK "for professional athletes to beat women, just for the sake of ratings."LePage was beaten by his father when he was...
It's OK to be exceptional

Our Constitution, rule of law and our cherished freedoms are nothing to be embarrassed about.
A girl, a dog, a discovery

...misery worlds apart but brought together to teach each other about love, family, faith and, above all, about trust."It's OK," the little girl would whisper in his floppy ear the first time they meet. "Marvin, I got left behind, too, once...
Park leads Women's British Open by one shot

...keep hanging in there," Lewis said. "I you get in trouble, get out, and just stay patient. If you make a bogey, it's OK because you've got some par-5 finishing holes here."