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Obama's decision to arm Syrian rebels is a terrible mistake

...This is careless thinking when Enemy "A" contains links to al-Qaida and Enemy "B" is being helped by the Islamic Republic of Iran, who is perhaps one of a small number of states that pose a possible existential threat to the United States...
Islam: a look at its history and tenets

...ayatollah, led a 1979 revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran and made Khomeini the first supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Today, moderate and hard-line Iranian clerics are struggling over the role of Islam in politics. Since 1996...
Reporter writes on life in Iran

...New York or Berlin or any of a number of other places, this would not have been cause for alarm. But in the Islamic Republic of Iran, one could not be unmarried and pregnant. That social category of individual simply did not exist," she writes...
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For Iraq's neighbors, fear of war outweighs fear of Saddam

...students demonstrating for reform. "It is quite clear that any future Iraqi government would somehow put the Islamic Republic (of Iran) under certain diplomatic pressure," said Iranian political analyst Ahmad Bakhshaysehi Ardestani. Syria...
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