Where's the leadership?

...times.Just survey the current landscape:? Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians are on the rise.? Vast regions of Iraq and Syria are under control of Islamic extremists bent on establishing a retrograde caliphate.? The death of King Abdullah...

Night at the Movies

...a grumpy young boy. MastersAMERICAN SNIPER (R): Sniper and U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) saves lives in Iraq while striving to be a good husband and father in America. Exchange, IMAX, Evans, AikenANNIE 2014 (PG): The 1982 musical...

Sniping about 'Sniper'

...film put him on such a pedestal. He simply was a dedicated patriot who loved his country, and risked life and limb for it every day during four tours of duty in Iraq.And we don't see anything wrong with a movie that celebrates that.

Know a good deal when you see one

...money he said he was raising for the Wounded Warrior Project.Sadly, the case of William R. Harshbarger, a 34-year-old Iraq War veteran, is just one of many examples of someone invoking the name of a worthy charity to perpetrate a scam.So many con...

Hundreds of family members of fallen military members share how they grieve, cope for study

...resulted from exposure to toxic fumes in Iraq. Yet the 28-year-old widow from Bristow...joined the Air Force and was deployed to Iraq in 2008. He transferred to the Army in...fumes from open-air "burn pits" in Iraq that were used to destroy waste at U...

They're busy shoveling

...uncertainty, and businesses ran.As far as Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, Saddam...allies agreed with the decision to invade Iraq and participated in the attacks. As far...government agencies agreed with the attacks on Iraq, including Britain, France, Germany...

Saddam moved WMDs

...he said that no weapons of mass destruction ever were found in Iraq. He conveniently omits increasing evidence that Saddam Hussein...that was packed with tourists.At the time of the invasion of Iraq, most of the D.C. politicos of both parties were for the...

Night at the Movies

new this weekAMERICAN SNIPER (R): Sniper and U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) saves lives on Iraq battlefields while striving to be a good husband and father in America. Exchange, Evans, AikenBLACKHAT (R): A man is released...

Army officer died of natural causes during August training exercise at Fort Gordon

...at a designated location that afternoon.After enlisting as a satellite communication systems operator, Scardino deployed to Iraq in 2006 and to Afghanistan in 2009. He received a direct commission to second lieutenant on Nov. 30, 2013, as a signal officer...

Terror suspects killed, most hostages survive

...Cherif Kouachi, 32, was convicted of terrorism charges in 2008 for ties to a network sending jihadis to fight U.S. forces in Iraq.A Yemeni security official said his 34-year-old brother, Said Kouachi, is suspected of having fought for al-Qaida in...