Lauren Hill remembered at arena where she made her layup

...She has revealed to us that one person can make a difference," said Dr. Mariko DeWire, one of her doctors.Music from her iPod was played at the start of the memorial. One of her favorite songs ? Katy Perry's Roar ? was played as her casket was...

Apple wins class-action iPod lawsuit

...class-action lawsuit over the price of its iPod music players.The eight-member jury...a claim by attorneys for consumers and iPod resellers, who argued that Apple's use...the verdict in a statement: "We created iPod and iTunes to give our customers the world's...

Plaintiffs' attorneys say Steve Jobs' e-mails show CEO wanted to keep iPod free of rival stores' songs

...for an estimated 8 million consumers and iPod resellers say Jobs' e-mail spurred an...iTunes store. By updating the iTunes and iPod software to block music from competing...launches" their store, "they cannot use iPod."Apple lawyers deny the company competed...

iPod amplifier provides stylish audio boost

...rounded edges, Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod is the hands-down design winner among...as much as I want to like the beautiful iPod, the sound simply leaves me flat. I've...the pressure. Thankfully, there's an iPod amplifier available that looks every bit...

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iPod music player winning over Japanese fans

...meant to counter the assault by Apple's iPod portable music player, he held the prized...down. That may have been a bad omen. The iPod is proving a colossal hit on the Japanese...Sakurai, who was all smiles after buying an iPod recently at the bustling Apple store...

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iPod clobbers Sony's new digital Walkman

...aims to topple Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod as today's leading digital music player...less than three years, the simple white iPod has undergone four revisions, each time...costs $399. That's $100 more than an iPod which can run on either a Windows or Macintosh...

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Tiny Apple iPod offers a lot of music, at a price

...lightning-fast transfer speeds. It's called the iPod, and Apple's claim of a thousand songs in your pocket is not hype. In fact, the iPod can store hundreds more if compression...To justify the cost, Apple says the iPod is much more than just another MP3 player...

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Size matters for Apple's new iPod mini

...brother from Apple Computer Inc., the new iPod mini is a wonderful choice if you can live without as many songs. While the regular iPod has models capable of storing up to 10,000 songs, the 4-gigabyte iPod mini holds a mere 1,000 tracks and is...

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Waterproof housing for the iPod mini is all wet

...revolution and plunked down $250 for an Apple iPod mini, it's easy to become quite protective...consider the possible digital disaster if the iPod slips out of your jacket and into wet slush...housing that they claim will make your iPod mini a little more robust and weatherproof...

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New iPod plays video, but music still rules

...Computer Inc.'s new video-capable iPod music player provided a less-than-satisfying...video on its popular portable, the latest iPod does a superb job of making the drawbacks...has created a compelling reason to buy an iPod even if it's never used to watch a single...

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