Robots replace workers on smaller dairy farms, upping milk production and cutting costs

...producing 20 percent more milk.But robots aren't for everyone, said Larry Tranel, a dairy specialist with the Iowa State University Extension."It's a technology that it's kind of scale-neutral in a sense because every robot can handle...

Water, air quality concerns heighten conflict between pig farm and environmental advocates

...lawsuits against Murphy-Brown, alleging that the farms deprive them of enjoying their property.The choice, said Iowa State University economist Catherine Kling, will come down to consumers: "We don't know how to produce food and fuel from this...

California cage law expected to increase egg prices

...protein may be hurt the worst by California's cage law, says a report this week by the Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University. Anticipating a 15 percent increase, the cost of a dozen eggs could rise by 27 cents, and a family of four could...

Ex-Paine president's wife no longer working at college

...resigned.Marshall-Bradley, who also taught education at Paine, is a graduate of the Col lege of Charleston and Iowa State University, according to Paine's Web site. Before her tenure in Augusta, she served as the dean of the School of Education...

Wallenda aims to cross gorge with great-grandfather's image

...appear as 3D images in recent stage shows.James Oliver, director of the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University, said his first impression of the general idea is that it would be possible to create the effect of the younger...

Bee-friendly gardens can help save the species

...explanation for what is causing the pollinator losses, said Matt O'Neal, an associate professor of entomology at Iowa State University."There are multiple sources of stress," he said. "There are your basic pests, also pathogens like viruses...

NCAA extends penalties for Georgia swim coach Jack Bauerle

...officer and athletics director at Xavier University; Thomas Hill, senior vice president for student affairs at Iowa State University; Roscoe Howard, Jr., attorney; Joel Maturi, former University of Minnesota athletics director; Sankar Suryanarayan...

BCS final meant something

...participation in the game than Oklahoma State University, which during the season lost to unranked, 30-point underdog, Iowa State University.Also, the University of Alabama, with its 21-0 victory, left no doubt that they deserved to be there.Yes...


...Receives award George Bradley , the president of Paine College, has been awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by the Iowa State University College of Human Sciences. Gets scholarship Elizabeth Parrish , of Augusta, has received a Wheatley Scholar Scholarship...

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Local artists comment on Jackson

...and the Dirty Left Hand, Neato Torpedo "Michael Jackson influenced me twice, once in late 1970, early 1971 at Iowa State University. I was dating a girl that loved the Jackson 5 so I loved the Jackson 5 for about four weeks. She never really...

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