NCAA extends penalties for Georgia swim coach Jack Bauerle

...officer and athletics director at Xavier University; Thomas Hill, senior vice president for student affairs at Iowa State University; Roscoe Howard, Jr., attorney; Joel Maturi, former University of Minnesota athletics director; Sankar Suryanarayan...

Ex-Paine president's wife no longer working at college

...resigned.Marshall-Bradley, who also taught education at Paine, is a graduate of the Col lege of Charleston and Iowa State University, according to Paine's Web site. Before her tenure in Augusta, she served as the dean of the School of Education...

Bee-friendly gardens can help save the species

...explanation for what is causing the pollinator losses, said Matt O'Neal, an associate professor of entomology at Iowa State University."There are multiple sources of stress," he said. "There are your basic pests, also pathogens like viruses...

Dr. Willie McLemore - Bessie McLemore

...Church of Augusta with 150 family members and friends. This was followed by a trip to Las Vegas. They met at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, and were married at Thankful Baptist Church in Waynesboro, Ga. on August 18, 1963 with Reverend...

BCS final meant something

...participation in the game than Oklahoma State University, which during the season lost to unranked, 30-point underdog, Iowa State University.Also, the University of Alabama, with its 21-0 victory, left no doubt that they deserved to be there.Yes...


...Receives award George Bradley , the president of Paine College, has been awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by the Iowa State University College of Human Sciences. Gets scholarship Elizabeth Parrish , of Augusta, has received a Wheatley Scholar Scholarship...

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Local artists comment on Jackson

...and the Dirty Left Hand, Neato Torpedo "Michael Jackson influenced me twice, once in late 1970, early 1971 at Iowa State University. I was dating a girl that loved the Jackson 5 so I loved the Jackson 5 for about four weeks. She never really...

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Gas prices help boost rural retailers

...the decline of the rural town," said Liesel Eathington, an assistant scientist in the economics department of Iowa State University. "There are reasons other than travel costs that were leading to the consolidation of trade out of small rural...

Ornamental kitchen gardens provide feast for eyes

...said Cindy Haynes, a consumer horticulturist with Iowa State University Extension at Ames. Even price-sensitive food...more about ornamental kitchen gardens, see this Iowa State University Extension Web site: www.ipm.iastate.edu...

Gamers don't buy professor's claim that violent games make players aggressive

...violent games make them violent or more aggressive. "We always have fun with it," Kyle said. Recent studies by Iowa State University professors beg to differ, however. Craig Anderson said violent video games containing cartoon violence to violence...

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