Three arrested in Aiken County EBT fraud

...Store at 395 Piney Heights Road, Aiken County sheriff's investigators discovered a cache of illegal pills and a large quantity...possession of several EBT cards that did not belong to her. Investigators also believe the store was the site of a large illegal drug...

Lost and found

...Tim Camus also said that more than 400 additional backup tapes have been recovered that could contain even more emails.Investigators hope those emails will provide a paper trail that confirms beyond doubt that the IRS had been engaged in a venomous campaign...

Across Georgia

...employment information and more might have been accessed in the breach, which was discovered in late January. Hudgens said investigators don't believe credit card and banking information was compromised in the attack.Hudgens said he encourages consumers...

Drugs, boats, cars and currency seized in Wadley raid

...Several hours after the initial raids, law enforcement agencies were camped out around a home on Poplar Street in Wadley. Investigators eventually seized at least three vehicles, an ATV, a bass boat, a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle and a trailer full of other...

Automakers hire rocket firm to probe air bag problems

...explosion that quickly inflates its air bags. But government investigators say the chemical can burn faster than designed if exposed...Orbital ATK will share data with Takata and government safety investigators. Once a cause is found, it will be disclosed to all stakeholders...

Georgia House passes $44.6 billion state budget, keeping insurance for part-time school employees

...the commission failed to consider a single complaint for a year and a half.England said the commission has begun addressing its backlog of complaints and lawmakers felt additional two attorneys and two investigators were sufficient.

Two middle school students charged with possessing gun in Aiken County

Aiken Public Safety investigators charged two middle school students Wednesday with possessing a gun on school grounds.The incident occurred at Kennedy Middle...

Education | The Augusta Chronicle

...names July 18: Name list down to 3 By Walter C. Jones | Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 Education Aiken Public Safety investigators charged two middle school students Wednesday with possessing a gun on school grounds. Using a $1.74 million, three-year...

Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...to lie face down. Both were shot in the head. Mr. Phillips survived, however, and provided information that helped investigators identify Mr. High, Mr. Ruffin and Mr. Brown as suspects. Before their arrest, however, the three, along with Alphonzo...

Reinaldo Rivera | The Augusta Chronicle

...but she survived the sexual assault, strangulation and stabbing. Rivera confessed to the crimes and led sheriff?s investigators to the remains of Dingess in Aiken County and Bosdell in Columbia County. Attorneys from the Georgia attorney general's...