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Alcohol, caffeine impair fertility

...of them smoked cigarettes, which are known to reduce fertility. Women who took birth-control pills or used intrauterine devices were omitted from the study. Participants were required to submit daily urine specimens and to provide information...
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Hobby Lobby sues over morning-after pill coverage requirement in health reform law

...The lawsuit says the family also has "a sincere religious objection" to providing coverage for certain kinds of intrauterine devices and alleges they can cause the death of an embryo by preventing it from implanting in the wall of a woman's uterus...
Birth control methods have wide price range

...percent of U.S. women use the most effective contraceptives ? a matchstick-size implant named Implanon or intrauterine devices known as IUDs. Once inserted, they prevent pregnancy for three, five or 10 years. Dr. Jeffrey Peipert, of...
Federal employee insurance plans must cover contraceptives

...only 19 percent of the federal employee health insurers cover all five federally approved methods, which include intrauterine devices and the drugs Norplant and Depo-Provera. About 1.2 million women of childbearing ages in the federal work...