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Techbits: Foot typing, Phone vs. cable and more

Voice over Internet use soaring NEW YORK - Last year was a breakout time for Internet telephone services, with the number of U.S. subscribers more than tripling to 4.5 million and industry revenue surpassing $1 billion...
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Find Savings on the Internet

...searching for deals:Twitter: Twitter is a free service that helps people to keep in touch with others using the Internet, telephone or instant messaging. To find savings, coupons and other deals, visit the site at
Big Biz overwhelming, but smart consumers still have a voice

...around the house for a 12-hour window to let him in. Give me a break!Back at the office, I call the major Internet/telephone service to check on my service call. "We're waiting for (so-and-so) to notify us of the results of their...
Look for savings online're searching for deals: TWITTER: This is a free service that helps people keep in touch with others using the Internet, telephone or instant messaging. To find savings, coupons and other deals, visit the site at
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IPO comeback in 2009 sets stage for busy 2010 networking site LinkedIn will likely follow if Facebook is well received. Restaurant review site Yelp and Internet telephone service Skype, which was sold by eBay Inc. to a group of private investors in November, could also join the line...
Wireless projects replace wires downed by Katrina

...arrival, anyone with a laptop at the hospital could send e-mail, surf the Web and send instant messages. With an Internet telephone, they could make and receive calls over the connection that's similar to a low-priced DSL link. To expand...
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Know your hacker lingo include cracking into cell phones and computer communications networks. - Spit (noun): Spam sent over an Internet telephone connection. - Spim (noun): Spam sent over an instant message connection. - Spoofing (verb): Impersonating...
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Gates advocates even stronger ties to hardware makers

...integration, though the result was sometimes as simple as the music player switching to mute when an integrated Internet telephone is answered. The next generation of Windows, which has been code-named Longhorn, will requires a close relationship...
The year in preview: From Y2K to DVD

...technologies. If people can only get faster Internet connections, such things as Internet TV and radio broadcasts and Internet telephone calling become that much more feasible. Luckily, there are signs 1999 could finally see widespread use of high-speed...
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Freedom of speech alive, well on the Web

...independent news organizations. The DFN site was the inspiration of Howard Jonas, the CEO and founder of IDT Corp., an Internet telephone service company based in Hackensack, N.J. He also funded the start-up of the project with a personal, unrestricted...
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