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Newspapers' names are not what they appear to be

PHILADELPHIA -- Internet surfers attempting to see the Web site of The Philadelphia Inquirer got racist material instead this week if they used the logical but...
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Expert warns of safety glitch in online shopping software

LOS ANGELES -- Internet surfers can tap online shoppers' personal data, including credit card numbers, when common "shopping cart" software used by small...
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Prevention is easier than repair

...tempted to unplug their gadgets just to keep them safe. In reality, common sense and a few basic tips can keep Internet surfers secure. The fundamental tip for people with computers, handheld devices, laptops and cell phones is, don't...
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Scam reroutes Internet surfers to overseas number

WASHINGTON - An Internet scam that lured customers with the promise of erotic photographs and cost them thousands of dollars in overseas phone charges has been halted, the Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday. Internet visitors to three sites on the World Wide Web were told they could access erotic photographs by downloading a free software program. Unknown to the customers, the program cut them off from local Internet providers and reconnected them to a number assigned to Moldova, an eastern European country that borders Romania.
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Bad taste rampant on the Web Sites to make most Internet surfers see sick

Anyone who has spent more than an hour surfing the Internet is bound to have pet peeves about special effects on the Web - maybe it's ugly animated images, slow scrolling text or awkward frames. For most of us, they are personal annoyances. For Erich Vokral, they're a cause. Mr. Vokral is the Net's Blackwell, a one-man arbiter of ugly, tacky and wasted efforts. Over the past year, the Illinois man has created more than 100 pages on a half-dozen sites that deflate the Web's excesses. If you find something on one of his pages, rest assured it's yesterday's cool.
Rating looks, bodies increasingly popular on Internet and TV

...celebrity judges on TV to rate their bodies and looks. They post their photos on any number of Web sites, where Internet surfers can rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. And now a new TV show - ABC's "Are You Hot?" - is bringing the concept...
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Student videos promote ASU to the masses

...Angelique Jordan and Mitchell Carlsen received third. The contest used YouTube, the popular Web site that allows Internet surfers to view, share and rate videos, to attract 42 student submissions. Mr. Hitchcock infused his "sarcasm" and...
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Children can get caught by Web, authorities warn

...just one of the sites that have become a mechanism for sexual predators and bullies to come in contact with underage Internet surfers, said Catherine Neal, the spokeswoman for CrimeStoppers of Savannah-Chatham County. Last year, 18 sexual predators...
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Selling freedom, or selling it out?

...speech lost out. Google has agreed to allow Chinese government officials to decide what results will pop up for Internet surfers in that country. We certainly understand Google's desire to make more inroads in the world's most populous country...
Updike wraps up online tale

...authors were well paid. The murder mystery was written online over 44 days in a collaboration between Updike and Internet surfers who submitted passages to the contest's sponsor, virtual bookseller The author of each winning...
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