Lawmakers propose curbing Internet service providers

...America Online and other Internet service providers: In Connecticut, Rep...Lawlor's bill would require Internet service providers to give refunds for the...Stenehjem's bill would require Internet service providers to give prospective customers...

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Industry will end lawsuits over music downloading

...songs protected by copyright and will work with Internet service providers to cut abusers' access if they ignore repeated...August, then agreed with several leading U.S. Internet service providers to notify alleged illegal file-sharers and...

Probe of Internet business practices widens

...marketing practices of Internet service providers, are cooperating on strategies...drugs illegally, and the Internet service providers that enable them, could...statutes that he said relieve Internet service providers for the actions of third...

Software publishers back down in piracy battle

...controversial anti-piracy campaign involving Internet service providers, settling the lawsuits it brought against some...customers' World Wide Web sites. Two of the Internet service providers sued in October by the Software Publishers Association...

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AOL helps turn up heat on spammers

...e-mail Monday in a ruling that could help Internet service providers shut down companies that send legions of electronic...could not be reached for comment. Like many Internet service providers, America Online has set up an elaborate system...

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E-mail usually goes where it's supposed to

...had problems sending and receiving e-mail messages from computer users who accessed the Internet through Internet Service Providers, or ISPs. The problem centered on the standard mail protocols that most people on the Internet, including...

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FCC wants to help poor get online

...telephone, giving it stricter oversight on how online content gets to consumers. That triggered lawsuits from Internet service providers.The proposal Thursday to expand the Lifeline phone program to Internet service aims to narrow the "digital...

A tangled Web

...regulate your Internet connection in this one.Internet service providers would become a "public utility" under Title...appear to be motivated by a populist hatred for Internet service providers, such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, and...

Taxing the Internet

...could be forced on consumers through an Obama-endorsed Federal Communications Commission proposal to treat Internet service providers like public utilities under a decades-old telecommunications law.The so-called "net neutrality" rules...

GOP says FCC bowed to political pressure on 'net neutrality,' IG office opens investigation

...by the FCC to impose tough new regulations on Internet service providers.Chaffetz said he had been told that the FCC...known as net neutrality because it suggests Internet service providers shouldn't discriminate against various web...