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Qwest, AT&T dive into residential voice over IP

...Bell to offer residential Internet phone service, embracing a technology...Wednesday it has begun offering Internet phone service to some customers in the...already offering consumers Internet phone service, sometimes with unlimited...
North Augusta to get new Internet, phone service

North Augusta residents soon will have a new option for Internet, WiFi and digital phone service.
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Additional business news a 9-to-7 margin on the New York Stock Exchange, while Nasdaq gainers trailed by a 6-to-5 ratio. Internet, phone service disrupted Long-distance and Internet access for some local residents was disrupted as long as two hours Wednesday...
The Coupon Lady: Stick to a monthly budget if you're facing financial problems

...use a Roku and stream TV on Hulu Plus for $8 a month (with high-speed Internet service), and even use an Internet phone service for about a $1.50 a month. With a standard high-speed Internet connection, you should be able to spend...
Will my phone work if the power goes out?

...building out fiber connections under the FiOS brand, provides a four to eight-hour backup battery. Keeping an Internet phone service like Vonage going in a power outage requires some preparation. You will need to keep both your broadband Internet...
What's the big deal about IPTV?

...into small packets of computer data like any other form of online traffic such as e-mail, a Web page or the Internet phone service known as VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol - making it easier to integrate the various services on a TV screen...
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Adviser says government should not regulate Internet phone calls

...modems, speakers and headphones or on regular telephones connected to the Net. Some 60 companies now provide Internet phone service, though the business is still in its infancy, said Larry Flomm, vice president of new business development...
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No strings attached

...required. A self-described techno-freak, Jon Martin was one of the first people in Augusta to sign up for Internet phone service. He bought a $200 phone from Sprint in May, before the local store was officially open. "I love the phone...
SBC and Yahoo! extend pact to offer Internet service customers have been giving up their second lines - sometimes even primary ones - in favor of cell phones and Internet phone service. The companies said their pact would allow customers to access entertainment and communications content from...
Interconnection can bridge digital divide

...a hitch; without interconnection, calls get dropped right off the wire, and new broadband services such as Internet phone service or voice-over-Internet protocol will be stopped dead in their tracks. Because VOIP is more efficient, a...