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Internet communities team up on tipline

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Law enforcement and Internet leaders teamed up Monday to start a national tipline aimed at helping parents easily report attempts to abuse their children by people the children encounter in cyberspace.
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'Circuit bending' gets old toys to play new tunes (time) I've seen for circuit bending." There's a robust international scene, bolstered by thriving Internet communities. Goldstone, 30, who performed at the festival under the name George Lazenbleep, traveled from England to participate...
Corporate spying hits info age

...engine of newsgroups on the web. A newsgroup is like a community bulletin board, and there are thousands of little Internet communities, each with its own central theme. There are newsgroups for motorcyclists and newsgroups for bookworms. There...
Internet World displays means for better surfing

...there is a homework helper) and a library of downloadable materials. What makes this service different from most Internet communities is that American Visions is fee based. After a 30 day free-trial period, it costs $55 a year, which includes...
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