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Government prying more

...American citizens have been spied upon by having their telephone conversations unknowingly monitored, and their Internet communications invaded without their knowledge or permission. The government has seized telephone records of journalists and...
Domain for travel industry open for business or criminal background checks or offering any guarantees. New York-based Tralliance Corp., a unit of Internet communications company, won approval to run ".travel" earlier this year from the Internet's key oversight...
Life & style
Smart new products prove instant messaging is a killer app

...considerable buzz at DEMO around presence bringing a new level of intelligence to the video- and voice-over-Internet communications revolution that AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and similar products helped kick off. Instant messaging...
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Biz briefs

...and Cary, N.C. EBay to spin off Skype in IPO early next year NEW YORK - EBay Inc. plans to spin off its Internet communications service Skype through an initial public offering. San Jose, Calif.-based eBay said Tuesday it expects to...
NASCAR fan sentenced after flooding Fox with e-mails

...Fox-25's Los Angeles parent company, Fox Entertainment. The network, thinking it was a hacker attack, shut down Internet communications with the affiliate and was forced to spend about $36,000 to clean up the site.
As online harassment grows, calls for new laws follow

...crime. Nationwide, only a handful of states - Michigan, Alaska, Oklahoma and Wyoming - have made e-mail or Internet communications subject to the criminal laws that prohibit harassment or stalking. Ms. Hitchock's case has given Maryland...
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German Internet law gains passage

...It makes Germany the first country to set rules for so-called digital signatures, codes used to protect Internet communications and give them the status of a legal document, he said. The law gained final approval in the upper house of...
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A week after Haiti quake, aid for all is elusive authorities suffered great losses; - Inadequate infrastructure and a failure in telephone and Internet communications; - Fears of looting and violence. Governments have pledged nearly $1 billion in aid, and thousands of tons...
Meybohm goes high-tech

...will allow a central server located on the third floor to manage the telephone, e-mail, voice mail, fax and Internet communications of 150 agents in four locations. The concept, known as unified messaging, fits well with today's on-the-go...
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Ask us - Q&A

...colon and close parenthesis to make a smiley face - :). Emoticons are prevalent in e-mail and other forms of Internet communications and are geared to giving cyberspace a kind of "body language." Q: What is a harvest moon? A: The term refers...