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U.S. mulls new charges against Microsoft "We do not believe there is any scenario that would delay the release of Windows 98 with all of the Internet capabilities included," Microsoft spokesman Mark Murray said today. A spokeswoman for Compaq Computer Corp. confirmed that...
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Week in video-game news

...about that 80-gigabyte unit we've been hearing rumors about? WORLDWIDE WII: Nintendo has used the Wii's Internet capabilities to deliver a variety of nongame-related material you didn't realize you wanted on a console: weather forecasts...
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Bin Laden prolific e-mail writer

...e-mail addresses, the AP has learned.Holed up in his walled compound in northeast Pakistan with no phone or Internet capabilities, bin Laden would type a message on his computer without an Internet connection, then save it using a thumb-sized...
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Deal allows for online video

...want big bundles of cable channels they might never watch. Apple and Google make set-top boxes and software that transfer online video to TV sets, freeing it from computers. TV makers are also building in Internet capabilities.
Businesses fight employee theft

...surveillance system varies from $200 for a low-quality camera to several thousand for a multicamera system with Internet capabilities and a large hard drive for storing video. Some companies elect to simply install a tinted dome to deter thieves...
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Grubbin': Sub shop opens on Washington Road

...island theme, Mocha Mahn Coffee Shack, opened Dec. 5 at 4460 Columbia Road. The restaurant, which has wireless Internet capabilities, offers at least 75 coffee syrup flavors, said Norman Lopez, part owner of the Martinez business. Breakfast...
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Internet connection in every school not enough

...classrooms are now connected to the Internet, there is a new gap developing between neighborhoods with rapid broadband Internet capabilities and those without, the report says. It also addresses the quantities of inaccurate, poor quality information...
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Apple Computer's futuristic new iMac goes on sale

...But Apple is vigorously wooing first-time computer buyers by highlighting iMac's speed, simplicity and Internet capabilities -- the "i" in iMac. The company also hopes iMac will entice back some of the former Macintosh users who defected...
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Social networking changing the way we travel

...around outside looking for a good breakfast place - a common query for Travel Portland. "Even if your phone has Internet capabilities maybe it's slow or difficult to see a web site - so Twitter makes it really convenient when you need one of...
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TV networks' nightmare is a dream appliance broadcasts and that shows received cannot be forwarded to a third person. To test the RTV4000's Internet capabilities, I successfully swapped shows with SONICblue. Transmission speeds will depend on your broadband connection...
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