Microsoft unveils new Internet browser

...June. But the improvements could give Microsoft an extra edge over Netscape's Navigator, the first widely used Internet browser that has withered in the face of Microsoft's bruising counterattack. The struggling Internet pioneer was bought...

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U.S.: Microsoft tried to leverage Windows to help Internet browser

...Department cited new evidence the company attempted to use its dominance in computer operating systems to boost its Internet browser software. In papers filed Thursday in U.S. District Court here, the department's antitrust division urged...

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Old arcade games from the 1980s you can play on your laptop? Yes, please

...treasure trove of old arcade games -- some you may remember, some you won't -- games you can play within your Internet browser (Firefox may work best). Anyway, there are 370 easily-accessible games like: Galaga, Joust, Marble Madness...

Microsoft: No compulsion to use Internet Explorer

...to use Microsoft Corp.'s Internet browser just because it's there...products also install the Microsoft Internet browser, known as Internet Explorer...plans to market Windows with an Internet browser during that case and did not...

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Government urges judge not to dismiss Microsoft case

...smother the market for a rival Internet browser by Netscape. It also said Microsoft...Microsoft was allowed to bundle its Internet browser with its popular Windows software...asking consumers to download an Internet browser is too burdensome and said that...

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Justice Dept. accuses Microsoft

...from rival Netscape's popular Internet browser. The department's antitrust...also license and install its Internet browser, known as Internet Explorer...rival Navigator is the leading Internet browser, with 62 percent of the market...

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Key allegations against Microsoft

...fallen behind in the market for Internet browser software, dominated by rival...computer makers to sell its Internet browser as part of Windows. It also...computer makers to help sell its Internet browser over Netscape's, Microsoft...

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Justice Department likely won't block Windows 98

...NEW YORK -- The Justice Department likely will not stop Microsoft from releasing its Windows 98 software with an Internet browser, The Wall Street Journal reported today. Instead, the department's antitrust enforcers are expected to ask U...

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Microsoft winning at work; New survey could help DOJ's case

...In a turnaround, almost 60 percent of companies in a survey released Wednesday say they now use Microsoft's Internet browser, an important trend that could be a Pyrrhic victory for the software giant. Microsoft Corp.'s aggressive push...

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Microsoft argues crucial appeals case

...makers who sell Windows 95 to also offer Microsoft's Internet browser. The company claims the browser is bundled so tightly...Justice Department argued that Microsoft's current Internet browser is a stand-alone product, in part because it had...

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