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Pluto may be demoted

...Two groups within the International Astronomical Union are thinking about reclassifying...Sciences Division of the International Astronomical Union. With a diameter of...Brian Marsden of the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center...
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Astronomers warn of collision potential with asteroid

...question," according to a notice filed by the International Astronomical Union. But asteroid specialist Jack G. Hills...computation," said the bulletin from the International Astronomical Union. The notice said the asteroid, which is...
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Augusta-area groups capitalize on New Horizons mission to Pluto

...Pluto's former status as the solar system's ninth planet. Not long after New Horizons was launched, the International Astronomical Union "demoted" Pluto to dwarf planet status."I think that really increased Pluto's popularity because...
The astronomer who tried to save Pluto takes on a more cosmic issue: God

...dwarf planet" status in our solar system. Don't blame Harvard University's Owen Gingerich. He led the International Astronomical Union panel on how to define a planet, which wanted to keep tiny Pluto among 12 planets on an expanded official...
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Pluto demoted as astronomers approve new definition for planets

...historic vote by the International Astronomical Union officially shrinks Earth's...approved Thursday by the International Astronomical Union, which define planets...objects. On the Net: International Astronomical Union,
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Pluto puts spin on studies

...what is new." Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union, an organization recognized by astronomers. The initial...PLANET: Meets only the first two planet criteria. Source: International Astronomical Union
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Pluto has three moons, not one, Hubble images show

...Laboratory. Follow-up observations by the Hubble are planned in February. If they are confirmed, the International Astronomical Union will consider names for the objects. Earlier this month another group of astronomers, who claim to have...
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Pluto news sends columnist over edge

...enough to compose his thoughts for this week's column. Why did this happen? As you no doubt know, the International Astronomical Union met last week in Europe and downgraded the status of the ninth planet from the sun, reclassifying it as...
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Pluto back in last place

...years to circle the sun, it will remain the farthest planet for the next 228 years. The Paris-based International Astronomical Union recently reaffirmed Pluto's standing as the smallest planet, despite suggestions that it should be reclassified...
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NASA to coordinate detection, tracking of asteroids, comets

...effects if one hit Earth," he said. In March, Yeomans and colleague Paul Chodas debunked a report from the International Astronomical Union that an asteroid was headed to within 30,000 miles of Earth's center -- and could hit -- in October...
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