Running out the clock

...simple question the federal government is unable to answer: Do Lois Lerner's emails exist?For months the Internal Revenue Service asserted that the disgraced former employee's emails were irrevocably lost in a computer crash. Now the Obama...

Recent editorial on religious free speech obscures the real answers

...answer, which again was arrived at correctly but through a tunnel of innuendo and half-truths.Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service does get to decide because the whole issue is a tax issue. The IRS does not get to "censor" speech from the...

Stand for religious free speech

...decide?A prominent atheist/agnostic group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, believes it should be the Internal Revenue Service. It even sued the IRS in 2012 to try to force it to scrutinize the tax-exempt status of churches it believed...

Former sheriff's deputy sentenced to prison for identity theft

...passed the list to an acquaintance, knowing the information would be used to file fraudulent tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. In exchange, Street hoped to gain at least $1,000 per stolen identity.The information from Street's...

Enough is enough

We've had about enough of the Obama administration's stonewalling of the investigation into the Internal Revenue Service's illegal targeting of taxpayers.So has Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas.He recently filed a resolution...

Choking businesses

...innocent Americans with a Gestapo-like passion?No, we're not talking about the partisan bureaucrats at the Internal Revenue Service who played red-tape bingo with conservative groups.This time we're talking about their partisan brethren...

Agencies are attack dogs

...groups "a problem for democracy." He referred specifically to Americans for Prosperity ? targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.As director of the tax-exempt division of the IRS, Lerner was in a position to intimidate and harass groups...

Setback for health care law

...written, only allows insurance subsidies in states that have set up their own exchanges. That invalidated an Internal Revenue Service regulation that allowed subsidies in all 50 states.

Dissent isn't treasonous

...to, in essence, make himself emperor.Let's go over a few facts.The Obama administration has used the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative organizations, donors and citizens. The Obama Justice Department ordered criminal investigations...

Georgia woman is first to plead guilty in massive tax fraud

...Ga., and supplied them to another defendant to file false tax returns seeking $189,636 in refunds. The Internal Revenue Service stopped most of the refunds, but $28,783 was paid, according to court documents.She said another defendant...