Intel buys chip company to aid its wireless reach

NEW YORK - Intel is buying chip designer Altera for about...cars and more.The deal is the biggest in Intel Corp.'s 47-year history. It is the...turning to smartphones and tablets.While Intel already works with Altera on the manufacturing...

Altera's stock soars after report of possible Intel acquisition

...in talks to be sold to industry leader Intel.The Wall Street Journal didn't cite...highest closing price since June 2011. Intel Corp.'s shares rose $1.92, or more than 6 percent, to close at $32.Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., declined...

Put down that tablet: Microsoft, Intel and PC makers have $70M to remind you PCs are awesome

...Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo are joining forces with Microsoft and Intel to revive languishing PC sales with ads that don't promote...felt it was the time to tell our story," said Steve Fund, Intel's chief marketing officer. "People think having something...

Intel showing possible crack in alliance with Microsoft

...longtime partnership between high-tech titans Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp. Wednesday, Intel -- which makes about 85 percent of the computer...machines as a fad as recently as a year ago. Intel won't finish its blueprints until February...

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Intel settles Digital lawsuit

...lawsuit and removing an upmarket rival, Intel Corp. agreed Monday to buy Digital Equipment...by federal regulators, it should help Intel extend its microprocessor domination from...that began in May when Digital accused Intel of stealing its technology. Digital...

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Intel's CEO defies mold

...some Chex. Not just cereal, mind you. Intel chief executive Andrew Grove has packed...behind-the-scenes force in technology - Mr. Intel Inside - but polite appearances take a...the way. That aggressiveness is getting Intel Corp. - and by inference its 61-year-old...

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Intel CEO surprises board with plans to retire in May

SAN FRANCISCO - Intel CEO Paul Otellini is retiring in May...departure was announced Monday, he notified Intel Corp.'s board of his retirement plan last Wednesday. The decision surprised Intel's board of directors, which had been...

Intel now in antitrust spotlight

...five-month Microsoft marathon, it is now Intel inside the antitrust courtroom. The microchip...bullying tactics to quell competition. The Intel case is not likely to have the entertainment...be bitter disputes over what happened: Intel acknowledges it did most of what the FTC...

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Intel, govenment set for bitter fight

...outlining its pending antitrust case against Intel Corp., the world's largest manufacturer...The Federal Trade Commission portrayed Intel as a monopolist that bullied at least three...surrendered valuable secrets. In response, Intel rejected the FTC's characterization...

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Intel facing other challenges

Inside chipmaker Intel Corp., longtime leader Andrew S. Grove...Commission recommended that the agency sue Intel, the world's largest maker of personal...proposal early next week. Last Friday, Intel acknowledged that development of its most...

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